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Does a Ti seatpost??? (more)(3 posts)

Does a Ti seatpost??? (more)Clyde
Apr 30, 2001 9:10 AM
Does a Ti seatpost give enough flex/compression/whatever to make it worth buying to give a slightly better ride on a harsh aluminum frame? Thanks
not just TiMass Biker
Apr 30, 2001 9:33 AM
Chosing a decent quality seatpost goes a long way towards smoothing out the ride out an aluminum frame. Ti is one option. High-end al. is another (think: DuraAce/Easton seatpost), as is carbon fiber. One more thing to consider - don't skimp on your tires; 700x23s are the best blend between comfort and performance.

The bike has two points of contact with the ground (F + R tires), and you have three points of contact with the bike (handlebars, seat, and pedals). In other words, it's not just the frame material that determines the comfort of your ride.

no it doesn' joe
Apr 30, 2001 3:28 PM
Where people get the idea that carbon or Ti posts improve the ride of a harsh rding frame, I can't imagine.

There is no basis for the conclusion that a seatpost will flex enough to improve the ride of a harsh frame. The post would have to flex vertically, which it does not. Carbon fiber posts might make for some minor reduction in vibration, but compared to the plastic shell and padding of the saddle, seatposts don't flex or absorb shock to any significant degree.

Try a saddle like the SDG Comp Ti, it's got softer foam than most road saddles. This will improve the ride a lot more than any change in seatpost.

I spent a season on a Litespeed Ultimate (with a Ti post), and it was the harshest thing I'd ever ridden. A Cannondale CADD3 with an aluminum post and SDG saddle was much more tolerable.