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I just got laid...(11 posts)

I just got laid...boy nigel
Apr 30, 2001 6:33 AM

Tough economy, indeed. Anyone else have this happen to them? Which industry? I was a magazine writer/copyeditor in the tech industry (telecommunications--dry stuff, but interesting enough once you're in it as a job).

A handful of people were cut from my office, the old last-hired-first-fired routine. I dug the job, but I'll find another. S*it happens, and life goes on. Got almost two months of severance, though, so I'll be riding, riding, riding for the next week or two. I'm psyched! Gotta get used to long solo rides, though, since most of my riding chums work normal hours. Went on a solo hilly 60-miler on Saturday, and had a great time--felt great afterwards, too. Quick shower and a quick leg massage, and I was A-OK.

I may not be around quite as much (I'll be out on the TCR with my new Speedplays--great and comfortable pedals from the first ride, by the way), but I'll be checking in here and there.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. See you out there.

Fast, fun, and SAFE riding,
re: I just got laid...boy nigel
Apr 30, 2001 6:54 AM
Cheers, MJ. Very kind of you.

I'll certainly enjoy all the rides. :)
Bummer dude.Lazy
Apr 30, 2001 6:54 AM
Glad to see you are taking the "Silver lining" approach.

I'm in the telecom industry. Definitely not a good job market right now. I suppose you're not really in the telecom industry, but let me know if I can provide any assistance. I don't know very many people in NY, but you never know.

Have fun while you're unemployed. If you play your cards right, I bet you could make that two months severence along with unemployment benefits last all summer!!! Good thing you bought the Speedplay's before you got the ax huh?

Anyhow, good luck and happy riding.
Hey Lazy, thanks.boy nigel
Apr 30, 2001 7:08 AM
I worked for Teleconnect Magazine ( We reported lots of new gadgets for the telecom industry and wrote about different-sized phone systems, voicemail systems, audio-/video-/Web-conferencing platforms, unified messaging (voicemail/fax/email in one platform), etc., etc. Good mag for the telecom field, really, but that much worse now for their loss. :)

If you happen to know of either someone in NY or a periodical that can use some freelance copyediting or writing, I'd be eternally grateful.

The Speedplays were actually a birthday gift from my wife (I turned 33 as was let go less than a week later--how's that for timing?). She doesn't regret her purchase one bit.

Several years back when I was racing, a similar thing happened to me. I was putting in 350-mile weeks, and was loving life. Let's see if I can get back on track (minus the racing, however)!

Thanks for the kind words, o Lazy One.

Hey, Lazy, where do you work for AT&T? nmmike mcmahon
Apr 30, 2001 12:21 PM
Apr 30, 2001 1:52 PM
It's AT&T Broadband actually, the cable TV/HSD/cable telephony branch. We're going to go off on our own soon in the break up. Hopefully I won't suffer the same fate as Nige.
Is that the group C.M. Armstrong is expected to head up? nmmike mcmahon
Apr 30, 2001 3:23 PM
real sorryET
Apr 30, 2001 9:42 AM
It can be real tough to deal with. Hope things work out.
re: I just got laid...Akirasho
Apr 30, 2001 9:59 AM
Auto industry here... and layoffs are a fact of the business... I even planned one bike purchase on the "buy it now before you get laid off" plan down at the LBS. One month later, I was out... but riding.

And, like you've noted, it can be an opportunity to flush out crap in your head and pedal your ass off for a bit.

Hope this layoff finds you financially well enough to weather the hopefully brief storm... and you have the peace of mind to enjoy the time off... and that better things lay ahead.

Be the bike.
re: I just got laid...Morgan
Apr 30, 2001 3:49 PM
Well good luck to you. It can be tough losing a job. I have been their before. It's been six years since. I was working for a major telecommunication company in upstate New York. My ass hole boss told me the news on my birthday. He used me as a scapegoat to save is sorry fat ass, the company finally caught on and fired his ass. Glad the experience didn't leave me bitter. Fortunately I hooked up with a great company and they moved me and my family out to CA. It's been great, I really love it out here and I am truly thankful.
Thanks, EVERYONE. :)boy nigel
Apr 30, 2001 4:06 PM
MJ, Lazy, ET, Akirasho, Morgan.

Thanks for all the positive replies and kind words. Fortunately, I'm doing okay dollar-wise (the big severance certinly helps!), and I've got skills to peddle (Fortunately, far more than my pedalling skills!), so I'm not worried about it. I'm enjoying the break, clearing my head, and deciding what I'd like write about in my next place of employ (besides just writing about bikes on the board, of course). Hey ET, is C+ looking for any freelancers for writing or copyediting? I'd be into working for them, as long as I didn't have to use the word "audax"! Kidding, kidding. I'd majorly dig working at a bike mag, truth be told.

Cheers for the support, and peace and tailwinds your way.