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Kudos to San Luis Obispo Bike Club for a Nice Century!(1 post)

Kudos to San Luis Obispo Bike Club for a Nice Century!MeDotOrg
Apr 29, 2001 3:50 PM
The other Wildflower this weekend was on Saturday in Creston, California, sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Bike Club.

Saturday dawned cloudy and cool, but not cold. I wore shorts, and a short sleeved jersey with arm warmers (which I shed around 11am). The course was pretty flat, 5,000 feet of vertical climb, mostly in the last 25 miles. Very little wind. This was my second Century, so I started with a little faster than the first one.

Beautiful, rolling hills and a lot of cows and horses. Some really fast flat stretches in the middle and some fun downhill curves at the end. Got hooked up in a mini-peleton between the 2nd and 3rd stops and averaged around 21 mph for 20 miles or so.

There were 3 distances: 50, 75 and 100. The 100 riders passed the start/finish line at 75 miles and did a 25+ mile loop with a lot of climb. Started to tire around mile 80, ate some Hammer Gel and Clif Gel. Got rejuvenated by mile 90. Flatted at mile 94. BUMMER! It's hard psychologically flatting so close to the end.

My time went to over 6 hours with the flat (including rest stops). I averaged 17.2. I was averaging 18 mph till I hit the hills at the end.

Beautiful ride and scenery. Well organized, with good food. (Better than Solvang, although the lines at the port-a-pottys were longer). Met some nice people. I recommend this ride!

Travel notes: Stayed at the Travel Lodge in Paso Robles. $20 more per night than a Motel 6 and not as clean. Stay away. And Hummah Hah, 5 stars to the In ‘N Out Burger in Atascadero!

Thanks to SLOBC for a good ride!