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Klein Quantum Pro or GT ZR1000 ??(5 posts)

Klein Quantum Pro or GT ZR1000 ??SF Gator
Apr 29, 2001 2:07 PM
I have the opportunity to get a great deal on a model year 2000 Klein Quantum Pro or GT ZR1000 and am trying to decide. The bikes are similarly equipped, Dura Ace, etc. The GT has Mavic Classic Pro wheels and the Klein has Rolf Sestriere wheels. I am not a racer, but rather a 180 pounder looking for a bike for medium length road rides in the San Francisco Bay Area, e.g., lots of hills, etc. I might not normally go for a bike as nice as either of these, but the deals are too good to pass up. Any thoughts on the ride of either of these bikes, or comparison between, would be greatly appreciated.
Go for the Klein...DT
Apr 29, 2001 3:15 PM
Hey, I've owned a GT mtn bike and 2 Klein road bikes. Not that that makes me an expert on GT road bikes, but I know that GT makes a pretty stiff frame, which is great for sprinting and climbing. Klein manages to make a very stiff frame, comparable to GT's, without the triple triangle design that GT is famous for. Either one will be similiar in ride quality, therefore. One of the (minute) advantages the Klein will have is the ability to carry a full size frame pump...the triple-triangle of the GT precludes the use of one. Either one is a great choice...I've just really enjoyed my Kleins, as I did my GT. My current Klein is a 2000 Quantum Race with full D/Ace, and Rolf Vector Pro wheels. I don't know much about the Sestrieres, except they're really light. If they have bladed spokes, that's another advantage. I tried a set of Mavic Heliums on my Klein last summer, then my Vector Pros. As nice as the Heliums were on the climbs, they couldn't touch the Pros on the flats and downhills because of the bladed spokes. The Heliums were easy to get up to speed over 25mph, but once there they were difficult to maintain that speed. The Pros, however, are easy to maintain that speed, and not that much heavier (if at all) than the Heliums. Hope I've helped!
Another vote for the KleinDINOSAUR
Apr 29, 2001 6:08 PM
I ride a '99 Klein Quantum Race. I have no regrets over the purchase.
It's on the high end of the spectrum for al frames. They are handmade, nice neat welds, beautiful paint, stiff bottom bracket. I ride a multiple of types of roads, do a lot of climbing. It handles very well, very quick and responsive and smooth riding, regardless of what they say about the ride of a al bike. I can't comment on the Rolf Sestriere wheels, mine have the Rolf Vector Comps, which have been bullet proof after 10K+ plus miles, and I'm a big guy at 210lbs.
I think Klein prices them too high, I believe they now go for around 4K as opposed to around $3,400 back in '99. The price is the only thing that would hold me back, but if you are getting a super deal, I'd seriously consider it. Of course fit and geometry are paramount in your selection. Kleins have steep head and seat tube angles, it took a while for my body to adapt. I prefer a more relaxed seat angle.
I can't comment on the GT ZR1000, I believe both companies are owned by Trek. Dealer selection is another factor, these are they guys you will be dealing with in the future. I gotta say I get a little jealous
each time I see a post about a new bike. To tell you the truth I don't know what I would purchase at this point. Good luck in your selection, the important thing is that you will enjoy what ever you decide and ride the heck out of it...If I may ask, what is the sale price of these bikes? I'm curious....
Another vote for the KleinJZ
Apr 30, 2001 12:24 AM
GT is owned by Trek? Are you maybe thinking of Gary Fisher (GF? :>)...
Another vote for the KleinDINOSAUR
Apr 30, 2001 7:04 AM
Trek, the General Motors of the bicycle industry owns:
Gary Fisher

I don't know why I thought Trek owned GT, I believe GT is owned by Schwinn???