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Which pin do i take out of my chain!!!!!! HELP!!!!(8 posts)

Which pin do i take out of my chain!!!!!! HELP!!!!YoungRcR
Apr 29, 2001 4:09 AM
I can not figure out how to get my chain off my bike, i have the chain breaker that came in my alien, but i cant figure out which pin to remove! Its a shimano Dura ace chain.
re: Which pin do i take out of my chain!!!!!! HELP!!!!DaveG
Apr 29, 2001 4:36 AM
Push out any pin but the special hyperglide pin. Shimano chains use a special pin to join the chain. This has a longer guide piece which gets snapped off after the chain is installed. It is not reusable. You will need one of these if you want to re-install the chain. In general, its not a great idea to remove and re-install Shimano chains frequently if that what you are trying to do. My advice is clean the chain on the bike, replace it frequently.
replace chain frequently?dave
Apr 29, 2001 4:51 AM
Chains should be changed when adequately worn. "Frequently" isn't great advice. The chain can be used unitl it reaches a maximum of 1% elongation or 1/8" in 12 inches. I change mine much sooner, at 1/16" elongation or less. For me that's 3000 to 5000 miles.

Otherwise good advice. If you use mineral spirits and synthetic oil (3to1 ratio) as a combination lube and cleaner, the chain never needs to be removed.
replace chain frequently?DaveG
Apr 29, 2001 5:32 AM
Your advice is, of course, more precise. I assumed that since he was asking how to remove a chain that he had never replaced his chain and that its been a while. Some folks I know ignore their chain until they have problems which then results in cassette wear also. By frequently, I meant to change it anytime there is doubt about wear. Chains are fairly cheap. I change mine at the beginning of every season even if it doesn't yet meet the 1/16" rule. Incidently, I just this season switched to the lube "homebrew" you mentioned (I'm using 3 to 1 )also) and its working great. Stays clean, less applications required than White Lightning and no waxy messy buildup. Best of all - cheap!
can that home mix of oil and spirits be any kindishmael
Apr 29, 2001 5:45 AM
ive never bought either, can i just get the stuff as the gas station...will any kind do...apply liberally and wipe off the excess?
oil & mineral spirits...dave
Apr 29, 2001 7:21 AM
Mineral spirits is also known as "paint thinner" for oil base paints. You can get it at lumber, hardware or home improvement stores. The synthetic motor oil can be any brand, and the weight designation (10/30, etc.) probably isn't critical.
oil & mineral spirits...JohnG
Apr 29, 2001 4:28 PM
I just mixed up a gallon of this stuff and I DON'T like the way it works. IMHO, I think it washes grit into the pins. The chain had a gritty sound/feel when it was all "done". ??

I'll continue/go back to Pro-link.... the best juice for a chain.

Dave's Chain ElixirWff
Apr 29, 2001 6:01 AM
Dave: I assume your chain mix is three parts MS to one part oil—am I correct ? Thanks