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Seat Height(4 posts)

Seat HeightLLSmith
Apr 29, 2001 3:39 AM
While riding at a pretty good cadence yesterday I noticed my butt was almost bouncing off the saddle. It was on a pretty level section of road at probably 15mph or so. Small chain ring middle cog. When I shifted it went away. Question is do you think this bouncing(more of a side to side movement) was caused because my seat might be a little too high or too low? Or, is it normal and I should have been in a higher gear?Thanks, Larry Smith
re: Seat Heightmust_pedal_harder
Apr 29, 2001 4:07 AM
I'm not sure what you mean when you say "side to side" but if your only jammin at 15mph on level ground and your bouncing out of the saddle I'd say you were in too small a gear.
I agree...DT
Apr 29, 2001 8:30 AM
If you're bouncing, it's normally a sign of being in too easy a gear. For example, next time you're on a downhill, try "spinning out", or staying in the gear you used to crest the top of the hill and use that same gear to go down the back side. You'll quickly see how too small of a gear can get you bouncing side to side. That's not to say your seat may or may not be too high or too low...I'm just saying the bouncing is no indication of that.
re: Seat HeightSkip
Apr 29, 2001 11:35 AM
Ditto: I've experienced the same thing - I can be spinning at 100-115 RPM's, and my okole (butt) bounces up and down on the seat until I kick the gear up a notch or two, then it stops. It seems to happen whenever the perceived force on the peddle is not enough for the speed/cadence. Once started, it's almost like a harmonic that feeds on itself, until I choose a higher gear.