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Tendonitis? do I have any hope?(8 posts)

Tendonitis? do I have any hope?cyclopathic
Apr 28, 2001 9:42 PM
have developed after riding a hilly century.
not fit/bike related from standing and pushing for extended time on hills.

it's been a week now and I have tried to ride yesterday and after 20mi or so it got to the point was difficult to stand even on flats, at HR <120 in small ring. I quit ride and went back. However I have a ride (~190mi/10,000') coming in a week I cannot skip. do I have any hope?

I've been stretching/massaging, taking warm bath, aspirin, etc am I missing something?
re: Tendonitis? do I have any hope?OutWest
Apr 29, 2001 7:19 AM
IMHO anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Tylenol) should reduce the pain. With a major ride coming in a week I would go to a doctor, they can prescribe much stronger anti-inflammatories if that indeed is the problem. Sometimes stretching an inflammed joint can aggravate things and rest is better. I am not a physician, but I have been in your place. Get well soon.
re: Tendonitis? do I have any hope?GregJ
Apr 29, 2001 7:52 AM
I have had tendonitis a few times over the years. A week was never long enough to recover. It took 2 weeks or 3 if it was very sore. And then I started back with easy rides for a couple more weeks,ice afterwards. This regimen prevented me from developing chronic problems. If you are unable to ride 20 miles now without pain, I do not think it likely that you will be ready for a 190 miler in a week, in my opinion. Without exception each incident of tendonitis that I have had occured after a really long ride or century that happened early in the year when my weekly mileage was low. I just don't do them unless I am logging 120-150 miles per week for several weeks ahead of the scheduled event. If you do decide to do this ride, I would be prepared to bail if you start to have problems. Good Luck.
ice & ibuprofen...dave
Apr 29, 2001 11:42 AM
Tendonitis is an inflamation. Don't apply heat to it. I've had the best luck with ice and ibuprofen or other, stronger prescription anti-inflamatories. You can take up to 800mg of ibuprofen in a single dose, but don't exceed the daily limit. There can be side effects to all anti-inflamatories, particularly ringing in the ears.

Tendonitis can get out of control. I had a severe case in both feet that lasted for years. I could still ride a bike a lot longer than I could walk, or stand in place.
Apr 29, 2001 10:39 PM
I have acute pain on my left elbow after an hour or so of riding. It doesn't prevent me from continuing though, although it hurts like crazy if I try to bend it while riding. There is absolutely no pain in my right elbow. I went to the doc and he said that I had tendonitis. Is that what it is?

The pain disappears completely after 10 mins after I stop riding. I am just not able to figure out what is causing it--Am I putting to much weight on my arms? Am I too stretched forward? Is my Cad3 passing on all the road vibration to my elbows? (If that's the case both elbows should hurt, right?). Any suggestions other than ice and anti-inflamatories...
Tendonitis--elbows?Sierra Kent
Apr 30, 2001 4:40 AM
Rice and antiinflammatory drugs really are the way to go, but maybe you should include some pre-ride stretching and wear a compression wrap (ACE bandage) between rides.

If you need to change your riding mechanics, then it really depends which side of your elbow hurts (when your palm is up). In general any riding with elbow tendonitis will cause pain because of the repitition and prolonged use.

This may not of helped, but I am studying athletic training at plymouth state college and if you really need more info. give me an email.
I have it too.Me too.
Apr 30, 2001 8:40 AM
Have had similar elbow problems. It probably won't go away without some time off, maybe a little maybe a lot.

I changed my position to take more weight off my arms and it has helped me. Also, if your arms are locked out straight that can be a problem.

Icing after every ride helps too.

good luck!
Ultrasoundgrz mnky
Apr 30, 2001 9:55 AM
Get some ultra sound treatments - it helps on the recovery in addition to the things that you're already doing. A sports medicine doc or a chiropracter will have the setup.