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do i have to change chainrings?(3 posts)

do i have to change chainrings?baby doc
Apr 28, 2001 4:36 PM
i read somewhere that to get the most of the new dura-ace set-up, one should at least get the newer DA inner chainrings. i tried out an ultrega equipped bike today and it up-shifted in front so much better than my set-up - late 80's dura-ace crank and chainrings with latest DA shifters. and i've already done all the required tweaking. could it also be the crank itself, having different spacing between rings compared to the newer ones.
More info pleaseDave Hickey
Apr 29, 2001 7:10 AM
Is your drivetrain all 9 speed except the cranks and ring? D/A 9 speed front derailleur is designed to work with 9 speed inner chain ring. 8 Speed rings will work but it is not as crisp as the nine speed inner ring. It has something to do with the ramps and pins on the 8 speed ring and front derailleur. Whats worked best for me is to have the inner chain ring the same model as the front derailleur. Your cranks are fine, if you need to replace anything it would be the inner chain ring(if you are using a 7700 series front derailleur). I've used a mix of 8 and 9 speed Dura Ace parts and most work together, however shifting on the front is not a crisp unless the front derailleur is the same model as the inner ring.
re: More info pleasebaby doc
Apr 29, 2001 6:36 PM
9-speed in the back. i didn't think it mattered what speed i have in the back, but it is a 9-speed, and the front derailleur and shifters are 2000 model. so maybe it is the chainrings. thanks.