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Buying my first road bike(7 posts)

Buying my first road bikeGDR
Apr 28, 2001 4:22 PM
I just came from the Bike shop and rode a Bianchi Veloce triple ($1460), and a Lemond Buenos Aires ($1569). They are building up a Cannondale R600 ($1399) for me to try later in the week, they also have a R800 ($1639). From comparing these prices to what people paid in the review section they seem high. Any comments on what I should pay? My friend and I are both buying bikes in the same price range so we hope to work a package deal.
I am also interested in the Jamis Quest, I can always upgrade the fork when I buy it. This is my first road bike so any comments on any of these bikes would be great. Anything I should look for in particluar?
re: Buying my first road bikeBrianU
Apr 28, 2001 7:18 PM
I bought a 2001 Lemond Buenos Aires last Fall. I paid $1400, however just 2 weeks ago while bike shopping with a friend I noticed that most places had about the same prices for all the bikes including the Buenos Aires, as what you posted. I guess sometime in the last 6 months, prices went up considerably. I would highly recommend comparing different shops in your area. Here in the Oklahoma City area, the cost of the Trek 2300 my friend ended up with varied by almost $150 between different shops. Two of these shops were within 5 miles of each other in the same town. Go figure?
It does sound like you are starting off right by test riding everything. I think if someone is already familiar with road bikes, they can get away with mail order. For someone new to the scene though, trying it on first is the way to go. I told my wife I was going out to buy a new R800 to replace the old SR800 I had bought used many years ago, however I ended up coming home with the Lemond. All the bikes you listed are pretty sweet, whatever feels good and makes you want to put it in the living room so that you can look at it when you are not riding is the one to buy. One last thing, I know the R800 cost about $70 more than the Buenos Aires, but will you remember saving that $70 two years from now if you did not buy exactly what you really wanted? Good luck and let us know how that package deal works out. I've wondered about that myself.
try gvhbikes.comvram
Apr 28, 2001 8:25 PM
I had bought a cannondale R1000 with full campy daytona and velocity aerohead wheelset. It was a rocket! I paid 1295 for it. Gary has quite a few selections in your price range. So check him out before you spend $1300.

Check out the Fuji team at colorado cyclist too. It is ultegra equipped.
try gvhbikes.comTJeanloz
Apr 30, 2001 7:13 AM
I would urge you not to buy your first road bike by mail or internet. You are much better off getting expert advice at your nearest road-competant shop and paying a little more than trying to get advice over the telephone. Mail order can be a great deal, but its best application is when you know exactly what you want and need.
i completely agreeHaiku d'état
Apr 30, 2001 7:43 AM
though i just got a bike from gvh and the experience was better than i'd possibly hoped (top-notch bike and after-sale service from gary, what a super guy, super price, no-hassle all the way), i'd have to agree that your first purchase might be better suited with a chance to kick the tires (as it were) up front and have that local shop around the corner for adjustments and questions after the sale. gvh was my third road bike purchase; my first was on's classified board, second from a local shop. only point of concern would be to make sure that the shop you choose is genuinely customer-oriented and knowledgable; shop around and do your homework **carefully**.

once you're ready for a second or a higher-end bike down the road, and know what fits you and what you're looking for, checkout gvh for the best deal and service...can't be beat if he has what you want.

now, regarding accessories and related items, i'm still stuck on mailorder/internet. read the archives for a heated discussion on that topic.

good luck.
re: Buying my first road bikeAndy
Apr 28, 2001 8:59 PM
My LBS knocked $100 of my Buenos Aires because my riding buddy purchased his at the same time ($1350). I absolutely LOVED the ride of that bike but I decided to upgrade to a Trek 5200 and I sold my Buenos Aires on eBay. If you decide exactly what you want and you know your frame size... you might take a chance on eBay or mail order. Two bad things about mail order: 1) You won't get the customary year's worth of free tune-ups and 2) If you have a warranty claim, you may have to ship your bike back.
But from the shop that serves you bestDaveG
Apr 29, 2001 10:16 AM
If this is your first bike, buy from a shop that takes the time to fit you and assess your needs. Saving $50 or $100 is meaningless if you don't end up with the bike you need and the advice that goes with it. The shop should be willing to take measurements, swap different stems, bars, etc to get a good fit. No matter what you do, you'll find someone who got it cheaper somewhere else AFTER you bought it anyway. Accept that, and just concentrate on getting what you want.