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My Day At Airborne(4 posts)

My Day At AirborneAkirasho
Apr 28, 2001 9:01 AM, Airborne conducted it's "garage sale".

Along with quite a few frames (used, demos and prototypes... road, offroad and BMX) they had tables set up with lots of component parts as well as a few "swap" tables for individuals.

The event was well recieved at it's early opening hour (09:00 DST) but the crowd started to thin (as well as components) by 11:00.

There was quite an assortment of "stuff" from both Airborne and individuals.

Here's a list of things that found their way into my truck (all were marked as "New", the crank arms having minor cosmetic blems)...

2 pair of Conti Competition tubulars for $35 each.
2 sets of Ultegra skewers (front and rear) for $9 each.
1 Flight Deck wiring harness (sans 'puter) for $5.
1 Giro Nisene saddle (Ti rails) for $35.
1 Ultegra double splined crank and rings (175mm) for $70.
1 Campy Racing T crank and rings (175mm) for $50.

There were tons of other stuff (road and MTB cranks, stems, bars, derailleurs, suspension forks... even a Rox Shox Ruby) all quite reasonably discounted.

Most of the frames appeared to be used... though only slightly so (as in, you could see grease in the headtubes and BB shells). I suspect that these were returns but were in otherwise pristene to cosmetically challenged condition... and tempting even to me! As an example, a Spectre frame was listed at $650 vs, the $900 net price... veeeeeery tempting! Still, I was able to show a bit of restraint and leave them frames alone!

I did get a chance to look at the new Valkarie frame... and its nice... apparently making up the new budget Ti in Airborne's road lineup.

Here are a few highlights from their flyer...

"The Valkarie uses the same certified aerospace grade 3AL/2.5V seamless titanium tubing as the rest of Airborne's award winning models but with a few simplified features; such as using round versus multi-shaped tubing."

Uses a 1 1/8" head tube.
CNC machined BB shell.
Lifetime warranty.

$600 bucks for a Ti frame... what will they think of next... indoor plumbing???

And, I don't work for Airborne... merely passing along the info. They plan on having another sale in the fall.

Be the bike.
re: My Day At Airbornedavee
Apr 28, 2001 1:51 PM
Hi Akirasho. Thanks for your mentioning the Valkyrie. I have been "almost" ready to order one for several weeks, but couldn't find anyone who had even seen one. I'm placing my order this weekend.
re: Pretty coolSteveS
Apr 28, 2001 2:47 PM
Here I am 1500 miles from their headquarters and don't even get a chance to snag some goodies, rats. Thanks for the report from your end though. You mentioned prototypes, care to comment?
re: Prototypes and other goodiesAkirasho
Apr 28, 2001 4:29 PM
... nothing noticably radical... just different tubesets (not as manipulated) than you're likely to see on their production models... lots of the road frames seemed to have 1" steerers... perhaps first generation.

Still, in the big picture, one of these frames could become a collector's item in the "sun becoming a red giant" future. Hell, I've got one of the first production Spectre frames (as well as one of the current runs) and it's noticably different from what you'd buy now.

Oh, and they were selling Ultegra STI levers with Flight Deck 'puter for $160 (no cables or housings)... I passed this time... but come fall...

Be the bike.