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Cinelli SuperCorsa(2 posts)

Cinelli SuperCorsaJerry A
Apr 28, 2001 8:41 AM
I've been browsing the internet and came across the Cinelli Supercorsa. I remember this was the thing way back when. Anyways, I wonder if anyone knows how good the latest edition is. It's made of Neuron tubes so it should be a pretty stiff bike. It looks pretty, but I can't seem to find the weight of the frameset. My guess is that a typical frame is about 4 pounds or so.

Anyone care to commment on this bike in general and/or give some technical info?

For $850, it looks like a great frame for centuries.


re: Cinelli SuperCorsaAllen
Apr 28, 2001 4:02 PM
I purchased one, but did not like the "retro" look so I traded it in.
The paint, chrome and details are excellent, but I would prefer the Tommasini Neuron. I would expect the frame to weight around 3.8 pounds, they are fairly light for a steel frame (really not much more than many of the painted Lightspeeds). It is would be more suitable for heavier riders than a Genius tubeset.
One possible source is