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Jamis or Bianchi(6 posts)

Jamis or Bianchicurt
Apr 28, 2001 7:06 AM
I'm considering getting a steel bike for the first time. The choice is between a Jamis Eclipse and a Bianchi Talladaga. Both bikes are ultegra speced. Does anyone know how well they ride and perform. Also is there a weight difference?

re: Jamis or BianchiBart S.
Apr 28, 2001 7:25 AM
I have an Eclipse. Bought it used. I am a recreational rider - doing 50 - 75 miles/week.

For me, the only limitation to the bike is how well I can ride it.

For specs on it (weight, etc.), look at
JamisRick Bell
Apr 28, 2001 11:51 AM
I've got a Jamis Comet, and I test rode the Eclipse (a wee bit more money than I was willing to let go with my college budget), and it was the best steel ride I tested. I have owned other Jamis's, and the quality has always been superb, no problem whatsoever, beautiful workmanship, second to none. They've always suprised me with their quality and price.

Right now I am a student here in Austria, where there are Bianchis out the a$$ (suprisingly not to many Campy equipped bikes at all though, even when crossing into Italy), and there's nothing extremely impressive about them in that price range. New Jersey-made Jamis is exotic over here :) The bike shops have said plenty a word about it.
re: Jamis or BianchiJL
Apr 28, 2001 12:06 PM
I tried the new Jamis Eclipse the other day, but I haven't tried the Bianchi. The Jamis, I thought, road really well. I'm comparing it to a Trek 5200. For me, they road similarly, but on the Trek you feel a little "stretched". The Eclipse felt a little better on the hoods, but I really liked both. For me, the cost is the same, and I still can't decide. I think apart from the frame, the parts on the Jamis are better then the Trek for my money.

The Jamis would not be a bad decision, but I haven't tried the Biachi either. Hope that helps a little.

Good luck making your decision, as I'm still trying to make up my mind.

re: Jamis or BianchiRocco's Big Ride 2001
Apr 28, 2001 4:11 PM
Boy did you hit the nail on the head. I looked at both bikes today and am so friggin confused by the workmanship of both. I only had time to ride the Jamis, but what a nice bike. I haven't ridden since 96 and 97 Boston > NY Aids Rides but had loved riding all through college til early 80's. I was a Fuji Special Racer rider back then. Thus, here is my twist in this posting. I was looking to ask for comparisons between the Fuji Robiax Pro ($1199) and the
Jamis Elcipse($1800 and with peddles) both bikes 2001's. My oldest will start college in 2002, this may be the last bike for a while, I have 2 more following her.
Bianchi ($1600), Fuji ($1199) or Jamis ($1800). Is it the same as Blonde , Redhead or Brunette? PS. In the course of this shopping I am leaving a 2000 Marin San Marino (Voloce)on the showroom floor for $1099. Any additional thoughts are welcome.
thanks, I got the Jamiscurt
Apr 28, 2001 6:13 PM
Thanks for the comments.

I went out today and rode them both again. Ended up getting the Jamis. The Jamis is a lighter steel and has better components. The mavic ksyrium wheels are much lighter and stronger than the shimano wheels on the bianchi. I did swap out the laid back seat post for a straight one to keep me from being too stretched. Seems like a good overall deal. Now I just have to become a better rider.