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Understanding road stem measurements........(3 posts)

Understanding road stem measurements........GTRider
Apr 27, 2001 6:02 PM
Can someone please explain to me how road stems are measured.I know MTB stems are leanght plus rise.(120mmX 5deg rise)I am looking for a road stem with a 5deg rise but all i see when i look at websites is something like this (120 x 80 x 1")What an i missing here.Also what is a good 1"t-less stem with a removeable face plate.
Sorry about the Double Posting (nm)GTRider
Apr 27, 2001 6:03 PM
re: Understanding road stem measurements........Akirasho
Apr 27, 2001 7:43 PM
The actual mm measurment is made center to center (at least in my experience). The stated angle of road stems is in transition due to two factors... threadless vs threaded and steerer diameters.

Because there are still a fair number of quill stems out there, you might find degrees expressed in terms of the "rise" of said stem when compared to the average headtube angle... thus a -17 degree quill stem will be horizontal on a bike with a 73 degree headtube. A 0 degree (or 90 degree depending on your school of thought) would give a "rise" of 17 degrees under the same conditions.

When you add threadless to the mix, you generally get the ability to flip said stem... giving two effective "rises". The key is in determining the type of position you require with respect to your frame's headtube angle.

I don't have any ironclad suggestions for a 5 degree rise (either threadless or threaded) but I know they're out there... check with your LBS.

As far as open face stems are concerned... it might depend on your specific needs, but I've used Profile open faced quill and threadless (H20) 1 inchers before... not the lightest but effective. Also, I LOVE 3T Forgies.... heavy but very rigid... if you crank on the front end (like the plunger I am) you'll appreciate its stiffness... and it looks great too though it doesn't quite fit your 5 degree rise parameter.

What type do you need?

Be the bike.