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Does Basso make good frames?(5 posts)

Does Basso make good frames?Rohair
Apr 26, 2001 5:53 PM
I'm wondering what opinions are on Basso Gap frames. Are they good?

Apr 26, 2001 10:02 PM
Basso is an old italian frame builder. Good strong frames, not sure, but I believe they have slack frame angles with a long top tube.
I almost purchased a frame once and had it built up (long story) but I didn't (thanks to the Mrs) I wish that I had...
Apr 27, 2001 1:42 PM
older ones were nicer. the viper was a great looking, fast bike. it had a bb lug while the rest of the bike was tig welded. don't remember the exact numbers but they were typycal italian: steep seat angles, somewhat slack head angles and short tt.
the new ones, well... aluminum, sloping tt. huge down tubes and so so painting and decals. i know the model called "devil".
re: Does Basso make good frames?simon
Apr 27, 2001 7:00 AM
in my experience, yes.

i've got an old basso lo-pro (650c f/wheel, 700c rear) that i use for commuting and stuff. it has slx tubing, must be around 10 years old (rear triangle is spaced for 7 spd), but rides really nice still.

hasn't rusted out, either, which isn't bad for a british bike.

on a side note, i once considered insuring it with a company that does "new for old" replacement. although it's built up with my old castoff bits, i worked out the new replacement cost as £1200+ ( c.record front track hub and pre-cartridge b/b, mavic 601 rear hub,
scavenged vitt cx tyres with black centre strip worn off, soon adds up).

Love my '94 LotoJimF
Apr 27, 2001 11:30 PM
It's been treated like a stepchild since I got my Ultimate, but the SLX frame does have a special quality that I haven't found anywhere else. After a couple of years in semi-retirement, I'm putting it back on the road this year.
It's truly a thing of beauty...