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6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?(9 posts)

6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?Please Help
Apr 26, 2001 5:20 PM
Hi Im all set to buy a Klein Quantum race. Its my first rode bike after 7 years on a MTB.I am 6 feet tall. According to the measurement sheet provided by Colorado Cyclist, I measured out to 85 cm = a 57 cm frame. The Klein(2000) Im getting is a 57.

Just the other day I walked into another bike shop, and the guy told me I'd ride a 58cm(it was a Klein 2001). By the way, the guy had no 57's, just 56's and 58's.

My question is did I measure correctly and what's up with the 58cm frame? What would the difference be between the two frames? Which frame would benifit me most?
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?fuzzybunnies
Apr 26, 2001 8:58 PM
companies will frequently skip sizes in models, so in one model they may make on 56, 58, 60 where in another model they may only produce by odd numbered sizes. The size given on a frame isn't always the actual size of a frame if you want an example compare a trek bike to a gt bike of the same style and size. the GT will alsmost always be bigger since they use a different measurement method. The colorado cyclist chart is just a generic chart to give you an idea of the size you need and the 58 will quite possibly be the size you need. The on;y real way to know is to hop on and take it for a quick run up the street. If it feels uncomfortable right off definately don't get it. If the shop won't allow for test rides find a better shop. TTFN
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?GregJ
Apr 26, 2001 10:25 PM
The Colorado Cyclist instructions give an optional way to figure frame size for tall riders(6' and over) This would put you on a 57 or 58, measured center to top. You should check the geometry chart at the Klein website and you will find that what they call a 58 measures 60 c-t. The difference you will notice between the 56 and 58 size is the drop from saddle to handlebar will be less, and the top tube will be longer and standover height will be greater. The reality is you could probably ride a 56 or 58. You will have more seatpost showing with a greater drop to the bars on the 56. This is a nice bike and not cheap, you should take the time to decide which you prefer. That means setting up the seat height, fore aft saddle adjustment and assessing the bar height and reach. Colorado Cyclist is not the end all of frame sizing. IMHO I think they put riders on bikes at the small end of workable, at least taller riders. Check the Rivendell site as well for a slightly different opinion, although their idea of where the handlbars should be in relation to the seat is a little overkill. Think how nice your life is right now where your worst problem is what size Klein Quantum Race to buy?!?
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?Howard
Apr 27, 2001 5:27 AM
A friend of mine, with measurements similar to yours (6' tall, 85" inseam) just bought a 57 cm (measured center to center) Lemond Zurich this week. Apparently you're in the right ballpark regarding frame size.
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?harlydog
Apr 27, 2001 9:05 AM
I am 6' 32.5 inch inseam. Using colorado cyclist measurement method. This equates to 82.55 cm. Using Colorado cyclist method it puts me at about a 57-058 frame. I was riding a a 58 and just bought a 57. I hope is works for me. Hope this helps
Are you sure?PsyDoc
Apr 27, 2001 10:45 AM
Are you sure you took your inseam measurement correctly? Using CC's sizing method, you would take 82.55 x .67 = 55cm frame (c-t). Or, because you are 6', you could subtract 27-28cm, but that still puts you on a frame (c-t) that is 55-56cm. A common mistake when taking an inseam measurement is not pulling up hard enough on the book, 2x4, or whatever you are using to measure to the pubic bone. Perhaps you are longer in the torso compared to your inseam and you need a frame with a longer toptube.

I am 5'-9" with a 84.77cm inseam and I am currently riding a 56cm Merlin Extralight. I will be test riding a 57cm sometime next week to see if the fit is any better. The 57cm has a toptube that is 56.5cm which is 4mm longer than my current 56.1 toptube length. I am using a 10cm stem and do not want to go to a shorter stem/longer toptube combo to get a better fit. In my particular case, I'm a bit leggy compared to my torso measurement (aka crotch-to-sternal notch) of 58.90cm.
You are rightharlydog
Apr 27, 2001 5:21 PM
I was at the office when I responded. I cound not remember my inseam inches correctly. Now I am home. I looked at my measurement sheet. I showed 85, 86,86. At least I convert inches to cm correctly. :^)
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?jonathan
May 21, 2001 5:49 PM
Go for the frame that gives you the right REACH to the bars with a 12 cm stem, id say. whats the point in measuring down tubes in the days of sloping tubes? Im 6ft, I ride a 55cm down AND top tube frame (ie square), with a 12.5 cm stem, although I do have a short torso and long legs. But you get my point.
re: 6ft, 85'inseam=57'frame?davidmc
Apr 28, 2001 3:24 AM
I have the same measurements as the ones you listed, and have been riding 58cm bikes for thing for sure is that diff manufacturers and diff models have diff measurements, i.e. all 58's aren't the same....I think that the col cy sizing system puts you on too small a frame....and it's generally better to be on a larger frame so you can stretch out (better aerodynamics, etc.). If you can, sit/ride the bike you want in various sizes.