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Glasses while climbing?? Theyre a pain.(9 posts)

Glasses while climbing?? Theyre a pain.Jimbob
Apr 26, 2001 3:21 PM
I believe glasses should be worn while riding but I just hate it when you drip sweat on the inside of the lense. This happens quite frequently on long climbs when your effort is high but speed is not. Its annoying to have a sweat spot in your field of vision. Its also a pain to have to remove them and clean them while trying to ride hard or keep up with the group. Does anyone have a trick to prevent this?
Yes, jersey pocket. nmGregJ
Apr 26, 2001 3:50 PM
another solutionOD
Apr 26, 2001 5:55 PM
What is LASIK? nmJimbob
Apr 27, 2001 6:51 AM
What is LASIK? nmDrD
Apr 27, 2001 6:10 PM
it's the new "flap and zap" eye surgery :-) - basically, they slice a flap off of the front of your eye (not all the way - one side acts like a hinge, so to speak, as the flap of "eye skin" is folded up...) then they use a laser to ablate away the surface of your eye - reshaping it to correct your vision problem (sort of like grinding a lens which mimics your eyeglass prescription into the surface of your eye), then fold the flap back down. It has a reasonably high success rate, and is certainly the best thing to come along thus far, but as with all eye surgery, there are risks.
another solutionScottV
Apr 27, 2001 8:47 AM
What does the procedure now tint your eyes so you don't have to wear sun glases?
re: Glasses while climbing?? Theyre a pain.Mass Biker
Apr 27, 2001 5:51 AM
"Hang" them on the back of your collar (i.e. using the glass' arm as the "hook"). Easy to grab and put back on when the climb is all done.

Try a sweatband (nm)Mel Erickson
Apr 27, 2001 6:34 AM
re: Glasses while climbing?? Theyre a pain.ScottV
Apr 27, 2001 8:49 AM
If where talking normal sun glasses you can put them in your back pocket or in the vents of you helmet.