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Newbie too lazy to search the archives for the bible(3 posts)

Newbie too lazy to search the archives for the bibleBrian C
Apr 26, 2001 1:59 PM
Is there one good book to help on riding technique, training, nourishment and perhaps a little about bike maintenance?

Thanks for all the advice on this board.
Brian C.
Nawgrz mnky
Apr 26, 2001 3:50 PM
We're all so opinionated around here we hardly agree on anything!

Try Zinn for maintenance. Cruise a good book store for the training aspects and see what appeals to you (tech vs. fluff)
While not everything in the book makes sense to me, Smartbill
Apr 27, 2001 10:26 AM
Cycing by Arnie Smart (that is his name, right?), an M.D. who also has raced at national if not international levels, covers a lot of this ground. I'm risking a lot here, I realize, but Bicycling Magazine puts out a couple of publications, including a book on maintenance and a book on "600 Things You Need to Know About Cycling" or something that have a fair amount of useful stuff. Bicycling also did one more directly related to road riding, which is something like, "200 things . . ." (sorry, I didn't prepare for today's session), which is also good to browse. Neither Bicycling book is even as in-depth as "Smart Cycling" (that is, not very), but they both cover a lot of ground. I pick up these books sometimes just to thumb through them, and they frequently remind me of some fundamental that I should be working on or some fundamental that I didn't quite understand but now have a skill level to where it makes more sense.