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Benefits of massage ?(4 posts)

Benefits of massage ?ixiz
Apr 26, 2001 11:18 AM
What are the benefits of massages ?
Is it better pre or post long rides (> 200 miles)

Anyone know of a good massage theraphy person in San Diego ?
re: Benefits of massage ?look271
Apr 26, 2001 1:09 PM
Post will help your body rid itself of toxins and generally help you to recover better. Helps with blood flow to the muscles. Can't help you with masage therapists, though. I live on the other side of the USA!
re: Benefits of massage ?TC
Apr 26, 2001 2:02 PM
Depending on the ride, I usually get them pre-ride. If it's a real hard,hilly 200 miler then I go pre and post. In my area most massage therpists will give you on one free after the 5th one.

Also if you can find a massage school that is training people sometimes they will give you a reduced rate. MT's have to have so many hours to qualify in our state and they will generally do them free or at a reduced rate. Get some recommendations from the head of the school. I've always found it to be up front with them and tell them my areas of concern. Sometimes they will work areas that aren't hurting and waste time.

Get the 1 hour massages- 30 minutes just doesn't cut it for me.

I'd say definitely post-ride.boy nigel
Apr 26, 2001 6:55 PM
Before a ride, massage can warm muscles up. On such a long ride, I'd think that the muscles have PLENTY of time to properly warm up. After a long trip, however, there are all sorts of bad things (acids and toxins) in the blood and muscles. I'd suggest a nice leg/butt massage then, when it would clean your muscles out and help them "heal" for the next day's ride (preferably an easy/active-rest ride, after a huge ride like you describe).

Even self-massage does a good job, since you can feel what type of massage feels best, helps most, and where to concentrate the strokes.

I always do self-massage after long or hard rides, and it helps me a great deal. If it's good enough for Eddie B(orysewicz) to recommend, it's good enough for me. His book, "Bicycle Road Racing," is The Bible for road racers, or for enthusiasts or very serious "recreational riders." Get the book.

Fast rides,