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Beater Bike(5 posts)

Beater BikeSpoke Wrench
Apr 26, 2001 7:53 AM
I just got back from taking my beater bike for a 1 hour tour of the neighborhood and local bike paths. While riding I realized that I ride this bike more often than any of my other bikes. Now I own some pretty nice bikes. I have a Quantum Race road bike, a Porsche S mountain bike, and a Santana Noventa tandem. Yet, if I decide to go off for a ride by myself, I almost always choose the homely old beater.

I feel no obligations when I ride the beater. I can dress as I please, it has double sided clipless/platform pedals. I don't train on the beater, it doesn't even have a computer to tell me how fast and how far. It looks good and feels good to me, I picked out every single part and built it up.

Am I a poser for wanting to ride high tech bikes the rest of the time? Am I just lazy for not wanting to train to be faster? Or am I just an old fat guy who understands what makes me happy and dances to my own tune?
Sounds to me like you are a 'true' cyclists!!(nm)JBergland
Apr 26, 2001 8:13 AM
I are a cyclistMass Biker
Apr 26, 2001 9:43 AM
More often than not, I reach for the beater. A 'cross bike set up as a singlespeed. Full fenders, mismatched cranks etc. No muss, no fuss. Equally at home on the bike paths as on the roads in the dead of winter. Hop on. Ride it. Clean it (infrequently). Too many people have the full stable of bikes (racing, MTB hardtail, MTB FS, etc. etc.) without the requisite beater. There should be no excuses...even when the weather's crummy, right?

Ride on - MB
Tom Ritchey & his "beater"Breck
Apr 26, 2001 10:19 AM
Read many years back that Ritchey would take one of his fine bikes dressed up as a "beater" & kikk butts on the trail, even riding very narrow tires to boot. So maybe Tom has a little something in him we all have ... that is to kikk sum local high-grade bikes with a "beater" ... mee too, butt it's just a fantasy for me.

I have taken all the computers off the bikes, refuse to switch from 8-speed down tube shifters on the OCLV and refuse to add suspension to the Klein MTB ... that's about as beater as I get.

cheers to the beaters, what ever form they take.
all bikes are funclub
Apr 26, 2001 11:08 AM
Hey, I hear dat. I got a couple of trashpile-convert fixed gear road bikes that I ride more than my Merlin and Eye-talian steel de-railer bikes. And I got 3 ti hardtail MTBs, the one I ride most has a rigid fork, 7 sp. with double rings up front, and drop bars. Second most is an ancient Merlin, recently "upgraded" with a sweet rigid steel fork. Anybody with money can walk out of the LBS with a tricked-out tizootracer to show off with. You gotta love bikes and cycling, to restore old junkers and ride 'em round. Any day I catch and pass someone with 9-cog STI while I'm on my fixer is a good day...