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What is it worth?(3 posts)

What is it worth?BrAvO
Apr 25, 2001 11:17 PM

I have a Cannondale road bike that I need to sell ASAP (it's a money thing!) but, I have absolutely no idea what it's worth. I can tell you exactly what a dh rig is worth, and I can tell you exactly what you paid for every part on it (retail or otherwise), but, I don't know crap about road bikes other than I have one that I don't use and I need to buy a new dh frameset for this season.

If your still with me, the bike is a cannondale R-300 (I know that's on the low end of the scale) with an ultegra drive-train (a 53/39 double)and brakes. The fork is a Carbon 2 Kenesis and it has a spin wheelset (you know...those carbon 3 blades). Also, the bike has a Serfas Kevlar ARC saddle, an ITM stem, a CaneCreek headset, a specialized computer, and vittoria tecno pro tires.

The bike is brand new...I rode it once...mabey 10 miles. What the he11 is it worth?????

re: What is it worth?fuzzybunnies
Apr 26, 2001 7:41 AM
if you have a cheap set of wheels you should sell the spins seperately to get more money. Other wise assuming it's 8sp probably around 450-500 and 9sp closer to 600-700. When sold complete bikes don't go for as much money, imho. TTFN
You shouldnt think like this.No Way Nerver!!!!
Apr 26, 2001 9:51 AM
I will never consider my bikes as anything other than posessions that will never be translated back into monetary terms. Figure out an alternative to the money thing. You are losing more than just a bike in this scramble for $'s. I will lock up my bikes to keep them from being stolen and thus guard against the expense of replacing the item, but that is different. Get another job, you will never get the price you want from your bike and you will feel even emptier without an outlet.