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What bike to buy(6 posts)

What bike to buyWade
Apr 25, 2001 9:30 PM
I'm looking to purchase my first road bike. Have looked at a couple different bikes Trek 5200, Cannondale r800, Klein Quantum Race and Jamis Coment. I'm also considering a build up of a Torelli frame. I'm a little conserned about the weight of a steel frame. I think the frame is about 4.5 lb. Should the additional pound or two for a steel frame be a concern or will I not be able to feel the difference. Any comments on the bikes listed would be appreciated.

re: What bike to buykeith m.
Apr 26, 2001 5:43 AM
If you ride alot of rough roads, the steel would be nice. Durable, smooth, and easy to fix if needed. The carbon is smooth as well, but alittle lighter and depending on the group you use may climb hills nicer. There are some very light steel frames available as well. I dont think that a pound or two will make too much of a difference. I'd go for the one that feels and fits the best.
Apr 26, 2001 6:49 AM
If you don't want to ride what everyone else rides, I'd go for the Torelli. I have a 1995 OCLV 5200 road and 1995 MTB Klein. The Treks are everywhere on the road. Not too many off road Kleins. Came close to getting the Ciocc frame set and sometimes wish I had of as have not seen a single one on the road. Don't worry about weight as you are in the "ball park" and stay away from how-light-is my-bike syndrome, IMHO.

BTW, my '95 OCLV 5200 was the same as the 5500, the only diff was off-the-shelf 5200's were ice tea color & Ultegra; 5500 were same frame but gray color and Dura-Ace. I build all my bikes from scratch ... not the cheapest way to go.

Which Torelli?SimpleGreen
Apr 26, 2001 11:08 AM
Which model Torelli?

the newest countach is 3.6 pounds roughly for a 55 or 56. TIG welded, but uses custom Nemo Tubing. Very light for steel. If you get a carbon fork, you would be giving up less than a pound to the CAAD4, with steel ride qualities.

I'd get the Countach if it fits. Fit should be the deciding factor between these bikes, although they probably aren't too different. The Top tub length and headtube angles are important. The CAAD4 will be faster steering but less stable than the Torelli. Going downhill on the Torelli might be more fun, depending on your skill level.

How big are you, and what size frame are you looking at?

Which Torelli?wade
Apr 26, 2001 12:53 PM
It's a used frame, a couple of years old (the frame it yellow). I'm not really sure which model it is. I know it's Columbus tubing and was told that the frame is about 4.5 lbs. I will have the ability to build it up with a carbon fork, ultegra components, and other components that fit me. I'm about 6' and typically fit on a 58cm bike. I'm a little long in the torso as well.

Check out www.torelli.comSimpleGreen
Apr 26, 2001 6:37 PM
I think your frame is the super strada. All of the bikes can be ordered in any of ten colors on their page. So the color won't indicate the model. Another possibility is that it is a Countach.

Columbus makes many different tubesets. Almost all torelli's are made of columbus steel. The material and butt profiles determine the price of the frame.

Used is ok since it's steel. Torelli does have newer and lighter frames that are worth the extra money right now, if you can afford it. It'll be half a pound to a pound lighter and have a better ride quality. Something that you'll be glad to have years from now.

Either way you can't go wrong with a well-crafted steel bike. Good luck and enjoy your riding!!