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Do you know...(4 posts)

Do you know...BC
Apr 25, 2001 4:52 PM
how fast the junior races go? I am entering in the Twilight Criterium in Athens, GA and I can either do a criterium or a LAJORS road race? Which should I do and how can I tell what fits me better?


P.S. I have never raced before.
re: Do you know...JLC
Apr 25, 2001 6:15 PM
I just did a junior crit in Knoxville, TN and while the overall pace wasn't super fast, there were a lot of explosive jumps and sustained hard efforts. There was always a chance to recover though. It was just a matter of hanging on until that moment came. The criterium is very exciting almost the entire time. There's always something happening in the race it seems. I did a road race the next day and it was quite different, but we were mixed with Masters 35+ so that was probably one big reason. It has a fast overall pace but until the end, wasn't as energetic and exciting as the crit. It's your choice though, they're both a blast. When is the Twilight Crit anyway? I'm interested in attending but haven't found any info. on it.

re: Do you know...BC
Apr 26, 2001 3:18 AM
It is the this weekend. The 27-29, the website is

Hope you come,

twilight criteriumbianchi boy
Apr 26, 2001 5:55 AM
Can't speak to your question about race pace, but would highly recommend the Athens Twilight Criterium for viewing if not riding. I went to college at UGA and the criterium started while I was a student there. It is great fun and the whole downtown is roped off for the race. I even met my wife there, while going to see the race after I had graduated and moved to Atlanta. Besides the race, Athens is greatest small town in the South, in my opinion.