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Another Bike dilemma(5 posts)

Another Bike dilemmaJL
Apr 25, 2001 12:38 PM
I'm looking at new bikes and one shop will take $200 of a Trek 5200 ($2300 even + 10% off accessories.) I've also looked at the Klein Quantum & Q. Race, Lemond Zurich and Giant TCR1. They're all 2001.

Is the "deal" on the Trek "too good" to pass up? I'm testing the Zurich and TCR1 tomorrow, but I like the Trek over the Kleins so far. I want something that will last as long as my current ride (10 years), barring any mishaps.

Thanks for the views/opinions in advance.

My $0.02grz mnky
Apr 25, 2001 1:38 PM
From personal experience the OCLV is way crash worthy, more than padded bike shorts.

The Trek is a pretty good package, but remember they own Lemond (Klein?) also. Ultimately it comes down to what feels best to you. the OCLV is one of the more popular higher end machines - there are a lot of them out there - so one should expect a fair amount of encouragement. They are light and very comfy for long some guy won some big fancy bike race in Urup on one.;-)

Thinking 10 years down the road is a bit far, but who knows. By sticking with higher level components you not only get the weight savings, but increased longevity. We'll all probably be riding some material and technology that hasn't been invented yet.

I enjoyed my 5200 but am now riding a Ti machine. I would have kept the OCLV, but the wife said no dice.
My $0.02amflyer
Apr 25, 2001 2:10 PM
I bought a 2001 5200 last year for 2500 plus whatever pedals I wanted. Got the 396's, which retail for about 200 bucks. Your deal would of course be a bit better because the shop could get the pedals for cost.

It's a good deal, but not a great deal. Great bike, however.

My $0.02JL
Apr 25, 2001 5:18 PM
I know 10 years sounds far out, I'm really hoping 5 years of continuous use. The 10 years had a few use "lulls" on the current ride. I'm glad to hear that others feel the durability is decent.

Hopefully, I'll get an even better comparison after my Giant & Lemond tryouts.

Thanks again.
re: Another Bike dilemmalott
Apr 25, 2001 8:37 PM
I was in the same boat myself. I was looking to buy another bike and I also test rode the 2001 Zurich(53) and the Trek 5200(54). I have an aluminum bike now Trek 2200.

Like alot of people have said before the 5200 has a kinda "deading"(I don't think this is a word) feel while the Steel Zurich felt more "alive". I felt that the Zurich had more get and go when I hammered down. The Zurich though felt too long in the top tube for me. Maybe I have a shorter torso than normal(I'm 5'8").

For me, I felt the Carbon would be a better fit. I'm planning on doing more centuries and I hope the feel of Carbon will absorb more of the road than steel. If I'm wrong, oh well. I just bought a 5200(2000) model for 1800(too good of a deal to pass up).