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Strange ride yesterday.(5 posts)

Strange ride yesterday.shmoo
Apr 25, 2001 11:50 AM
BUGS!! Millions of 'em. Black. Winged. About ant size. Hard (as in hard to crush between your fingers). And they bite (sting?) if they get in your clothes or between your helmet and head. I've been riding in this area regularly for the past five years. Every spring I see these guys at river crossings and such, but yesterday, they were EVERYWHERE. It was like it was raining bugs throughout the entire ride. They were all over me. My helmet was crackling the whole time with little bug impacts, and I must have aspirated about a dozen or so (wishing I wasn't a mouth breather). Finally, one that I aspirated bit (stung) me in my throat. I decided to cut my normal 25mi ride to 17mi, and short-cutted home after that. I'll have to were a bandana tonight.

ALSO, just to spice up the ride, I guess, I got chased by a bull. Thank God for the fence, but the 1500+ pounder could have easily run right over it. I live in a rural area with lots of horse and beef ranches. The beef ranches are pasturing a lot of bulls right now. The turnaround point of one of my out-and-back "spurs" just happens to be right where this guy was hang'n out at the bottom of a hill. I stopped to turn around (and pick the bugs out of my teeth), and he was really bellering. I didn't think anything of it because I figured he was just wanting to party with the fine looking "ladies" congregated on the OTHER side of the road I was about to go back up. As I started back up the short 15% grade, between him and the party girls, he really started to protest, and I realized that he was not at all happy that he was on that side, they were on this side, and I was in the middle. He chased me up the hill for a good 50 yards, growling and rubbing against the three little barbed wire strands the whole way. I kinda laughed, but was a little concerned that he might come through. He was obviously pissed. If he'd got loose, I betcha I could'a climbed up that hill just like Doug.
re: Strange ride yesterday.DINOSAUR
Apr 26, 2001 5:05 PM
Curious to know what those winged creatures were?

I was out for an afternoon ride, early summer, approx two years ago. I was descending at a pretty good clip (for me) and I saw what appeared to be a large tree branch laying in the road ahead of me.
Terrific cyclist that I am, I just gently veered to the right in order to avoid running over the "branch" and as I was passing it, I glanced down and noticed that the "branch" was the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen before in my life. Needless to say that got the old heart pumping. I rode for about two miles until I encountered one of the local old geezers out for a stroll. I slowed and told him about the rattler and his eyes got big also. After I arrived home I clicked on an internet site about rattlesnakes and ascertained that it was a Timber Rattlesnake, which is not native to my area (you know the Auburn guy). I surmised that the snake possibly dropped off a train which parallels the area I was riding.
Sorry I can't top your story. I have never been chased by a bull, however I did see a mountain lion once. They are fast suckers. Came and gone before I knew it. I guess in the wild it's the fittest and quickest that survive. Sort of compares with being an old roadie. Well, I don't know about the "quick" part. Maybe the most "hard headed" would be a better term.....
I'll take the bull over the lion. You got me beat.shmoo
Apr 26, 2001 7:52 PM
I'll let you outrun the lion. I'm starting to see a lot of snakes appreciating the warm asphalt again. Sure sign of spring. Mostly Gopher, California Kings (beautiful), and Garters. No Rattle Snakes yet.
Bugsmike mcmahon
Apr 26, 2001 5:17 PM
I was descending a local hill Wednesday morning before work. I was approaching a curve in the road, so I looked over my shoulder to make sure no cars were behind me. What must have been the biggest flying insect in history smacked me in the side of the head, just behind the temple. It felt like someone threw a rock at my head. Not only did it hurt, I actually felt slightly disoriented for a few seconds. The weather has been warm here this week, and I've definitely noticed an increase in flying insect activity. Now I'm just looking forward to that really nice smell that comes from garbage cans and dumpsters on hot days.
Stung by a bee todayErik W
Apr 26, 2001 8:10 PM
Today, as I was pedaling down a small hill, going maybe 25 mph. I felt this explosive, stabbing pain on the side of my left calf. It surprised the hell out of me. I slowed down and checked it out. I had a tiny puncture with a growing welt. The pain stayed intense for about 5 minutes and then gradually went away. I had just remarked to my girlfriend moments before how great I was feeling today.

One of my thoughts at first was maybe it was a kid with a pellet gun. If so, that kid has talent.