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Too Much Hydration?(6 posts)

Too Much Hydration?PULVER
Apr 25, 2001 7:49 AM
Perhaps a dumb question, but here it goes anyways. Is there a point of hydrating too much on a training ride? On a typical training ride of 35 to 50 miles I bring two small water bottles and ususally have Cytomax or equivalent. I do, though, find myself wanting/needing more fluid than just the two bottles, while other riders with me are not nearly quite as a dependent. I seem to go through one bottle every 15 to 20 miles and typically there is some moderate climbing in my training rides. Temperature doesn't seem to play as a strong factor as it has been mildly warm in So CA of late and my rides are usually early a.m. or at the end of the day. I am not a heavy rider though not light either @ 5'9 and 185lbs and in decent but not outstanding shape. I have done a century in 5 hours earlier in the year. I hydrate again when done with the ride with a glass or two of water. Do I just obey my thirst as the commercial says or do I try to get my body to adjust a bit? Any thoughts from anyone?
re: Too Much Hydration?dustin73
Apr 25, 2001 8:40 AM
well, i had the same problem you do. can't say i've fixed it or anything, but what i do to kinda calm it is chew gum. yeah, it sounds kinda odd, and might just be psychological, but it helps me. i think in another post someone said that when riding, or doing any type of sports activity, you don't drink the amount of fluids you should 'cause the body does something yadda yadda and you end up only drinking about half (?). especially water. that's why sports drinks are good 'cause they cause the body to want more fluids, therefore you drink more.

here you go, check this out:
it's got a little info...
re: Too Much Hydration?grz mnky
Apr 25, 2001 9:31 AM
You can actually over hydrate. Dr. Warren Scott from the Santa Cruz area has done some research and presented findings at sports medicine conferences. Dr. Scott is one of the staff docs for the Ironman, and has completed the race several times.
you no, but some yesjbrown2036
Apr 25, 2001 9:48 AM
Trial and error as well as knowledge beaten into me by my coach says 1-24 oz bottle every ten miles, but no more than 24 oz in an hour since for the most part the body will not be able to absorb the fluid correctly and you will end up flushing out valuable electrolytes before they can contribute to your overall hydration-for really hot weather a tip is to throw water on yourself for cooling.
re: Too Much Hydration?MrCelloBoy
Apr 25, 2001 9:51 AM
Problems can arise when your sodium levels drop below a certain point. At that point you can actually cause potentially fatal harm by continuing to drink regular H20. There are supplements to assist in avoiding this and there are warning signs. I recently read a post on the Tandem@hobbes newsgroup on this subject.
re: Too Much Hydration?look271
Apr 25, 2001 6:32 PM
I often wonder about this as well, as I go through about 1 large bottle every hour. You use somewhat less, apparantly. I'd say no, you aren't over-hydrating. There have been articles on overhydrating and hyponatremia (low sodium levels.) If your using Cytomax or other electrolyte solutions, you should be ok.