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Univega Safari 10(4 posts)

Univega Safari 10John S.
Apr 25, 2001 7:18 AM
I just got a free Univega Safari 10. Can anybody tell me anything about this bike? Is it worth having? Planning on just using it for non-competitive exercise. Any input would be welcome.


John Stewart
Just guessing, but it sounds like...Cory
Apr 25, 2001 8:12 AM
Just from the name (and I have NO specific knowledge, so feel free to ignore this), it sounds like a mass-market bike from the days when they were called "10 speeds." Count the gear cogs on the back wheel--if there are five of them, and two chainrings in front, that's probably what it is.
Couple of other clues: Check the wheels to see if the rims are steel rather than aluminum. Aluminum is better (sorry if I sound condescending; I'm assuming you don't know much about this). Do the brakes have "safety levers," additional brake levers that parallel the handlebars so you can grab them while your hands are on top of the bars? That's an additional sign of mass appeal, and perhaps cheapness. Look at the bottom bracket, the little axle that holds the crankarms (the things the pedals screw into). If the crankarms press onto a separate axle (called a spindle, by the way), that's better than if they're one-piece steel, threaded through the frame. I don't recall that Univega made any one-piece ("Ashtabula") cranks.
Having said all that: Even if all those negatives exist, for a casual, exercise, going-for-coffee bike, it should be completely adequate once you lube and adjust it. I think I'd just ride and enjoy it until I decided I had to have something better, and by then you'll know more about what you want and need.
Just guessing, but it sounds like...John S.
Apr 25, 2001 7:44 PM
I was an avid mountain biker until I moved to the flatlands of Illinois. I was offered this road bike and it seems to be of quality construction, but it does have the "safety bars" on the brakes. The rims are aluminum and it is a twelve speed - interestingly enough. I'm not sure of the vintage and the frame construction (materials and durability). Just had some questions. Thanks for your reply!

John Stewart
Just guessing, but it sounds like...steeveo
Apr 26, 2001 11:15 AM
Univega made some of the best-value bang-for-your-buck road bikes on the market 20 years ago, and in fact still do. I had an '85 Sportour I loved, five hundred bucks, all sweetness. I'm not familar with the Safari 10, but despite the 'safety' brakes, it may be a better bike than would appear at first blush. If it's running Suntour derailleurs, keep it!