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Help!!!!!!!!Wheel Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(7 posts)

Help!!!!!!!!Wheel Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GTRider
Apr 24, 2001 7:03 PM
So far those who have answered my questions have been very helpful and i thank you.Now i have a big problem.I was only able to get about 30 miles in before my wheels went untrue.Now i am 240 pounds and carry about 10 pounds or less of gear when i commute.Now the wheels are mavic CXP21's with ritchey hubs and 15 gauge spokes.The streets i ride are pretty rough.Now if i use the same hubs and rims with 14 gauge SS and brass nipples.Will i be ok?Or should i go with different rims?Thanks in advance for the help
re: Help!!!!!!!!Wheel Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jofa
Apr 25, 2001 4:09 AM
How much is the wheel out of true? And when you say 15 gauge- do you mean swaged 14/15 gauge? ie, thicker at the ends, thinner in the middle? (from memory, I think this is what Specialized spec on their Allez wheels- you did get one of these, didn't you?) If that's the case, then you should be fine, in principle: swaged spokes are actually tougher than thicker straight- gauge, as the stresses that would be concentrated at the ends, are dissipated in the more flexible middle, meaning they break less. To get back to topic... 32 spoke, swaged SS spokes, strong rims, should be fine for your weight, in most (if not all) situations- with one key condition: they must be well built. I'd take your wheel back to the shop, and get their verdict: manufacturer's wheels, particularly Specialized IMO, are often carelessly built, with tensions flying all over the place. If this rim is saveable- I suspect it is- get a wheelbuilder who you trust to go over it, retension, back off spoke twist (crucial) and stress- relieve it. The basic hardware here is fine.
Hope this helps, enjoy your new ride
Absolutely agreeSpoke Wrench
Apr 25, 2001 6:00 AM
I think that the key to building a good wheel is to get the spoke tension as even as possible. I think that's a step that gets passed over by a lot of wheelbuilders. Lots of new bikes come with wheels that have inadequate tension on the left side of the rear wheel and big variations in the tension of the rest of the spokes.

Without having seen your wheels, I suspect that a competant wheel man could retension the components you have now and produce a perfectly serviceable pair of wheels.

I wouldn't be in a hurry to build up a heavier set of wheels with the idea they will be necessarily stronger. Part of the beauty of a road bike is the skillful use of lightweight materials and components to construct an adequately strong product.
Sort of agree, pretty much, I think...Cory
Apr 25, 2001 8:18 AM
I weigh about the same, and I had problems with my Allez wheels until I finally had a good mechanic build me a new rear. I wanted 36 spokes, but he convinced me that rim design has progressed to the point that 32 would be enough. With a Velocity Deep V rim and 14-15-14 Wheelsmith spokes (and VERY careful assembly), it has been so far.
I'd still feel better with four more spokes, though.
Agree. If the spokes aren't breaking, and...shmoo
Apr 25, 2001 7:56 PM
...the rims aren't deforming, it's gotta be the build. (Can't really be anything else, can it?) Just to be safe, you could have your LBS double check the spokes at the hub, and the spoke holes in the rim for any sign of stress.
same bike, same problemHaiku d'état
Apr 25, 2001 5:25 AM
read your earlier posts and don't recall if you said this was a '00 allez or '01...i have an '00 that popped spokes on the rear in under 300 miles, and i was 235-240 when i started riding it (now 195). LBS rebuilt the rear with DT (not sure gauge?), only had minor problems since. way it was explained to me by the LBS was that the hand-built wheels (if done right) are much stronger than machined wheels.

I have not had major problems since, but have had to true the wheels 3 times -- once by the shop and twice at home after i got the truing stand, over a period of about 8 months. i don't find this wholly unreasonable, but am still considering that wide-bladed spinergy rear eventually.

good luck.
hubs and rims should be ok...Bruno S
Apr 25, 2001 11:22 AM
but a 14 gage or 14/15 gage would be better. If you only have problems with the rear you maybe able to get the wheel re-spoked under warranty. Specialized had some problems with the spokes of the rear wheel on the allez 2000 models.