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Carbon rims(6 posts)

Carbon rimstri
Apr 24, 2001 11:13 AM
I just purchased a set of tubular Zipp 404s, which have the all-carbon rim surface. I have two questions about them. I just recently began using tubulars, and generally use a tire lever to get the first part of tire off the rim, before peeling the rest off. However, the carbon rims seem like they would be a little bit more fragile than the aluminum rims on the HED jet wheels, which I used to have. Also, I got the 2001 model with the new kevlar braking surface, and was wondering if anyone has used these or the 303 model from 2001, and I was wondering if you need to use the special cork brake pads like those made by corima, or if standard shimano brake pads will work? Thanks
re: say NO to tire levers on Carbon Fiber Rims!!!Akirasho
Apr 24, 2001 11:28 AM
... I've got the composite HED Stinger 90's and you just can't use levers on these puppies... installation and removal of tubbies is strategy and strength.

I've no experience with 303's... but I've run both Shimano Ultegra and Corima brake shoes... Shimano is supposed to have Dura Ace composite specific shoes, but my LBS can't track them down. I've also heard that earlier (pre '99) Dura Ace pads contained abrasives not suitable for CF braking surfaces... but that you could ge by with the newer ones. I honestly don't feel a difference. These are relatively low milage race wheels and I've yet to see any real wear irregardless of pad... course, at these prices... I don't want to either!

Lastly, and I guess this is a good thing... If you're braking, you're not going fast enuff!

Be the bike.
Apr 24, 2001 5:40 PM
I agree with this poster about not using tire levers with these wheels. I have a set of Zipp 2001 404 tubulars that I have been riding for about a month. I have not had to use tire levers at all to install tires on the Zipps. It justs takes a little practice and a bit of effort to install. Removing tires are just as easy as long as you don't use Superglue. Just kidding about the Superglue. I have been using my stock Ultegra brake pads from 2000 without any problems. Just finished a century ride this past Sunday with the Zipps with no problems. Also, no problems with the Shimano pads especially on the eight (8) mile descent. So far I have logged over 500 miles on the Zipps. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Happy riding!
Apr 24, 2001 11:54 PM
8mi. descent? good lord...either that was preceded with a doosey of a climp, or was followed by one.
Apr 25, 2001 5:53 AM
You hit it right on the head. There was a 2 mile "wall" climb before enjoying the 8 miles of gravity free fall. The sponsors of the ride said this portion of the ride would separate the strong from the weak. Of course the hill climb was near the end of the century ride so your tired as well.
re: Carbon rimsjp2
Apr 25, 2001 4:55 AM
call zipp about the brake pads. for their 2001 disc, they told me "not" to use cork pads.