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Numbness not going away (any Doctors in the house?)(7 posts)

Numbness not going away (any Doctors in the house?)Howard Roark
Apr 24, 2001 9:03 AM
This past weekend i was signed up to do a tour from Houston to Austin, 175 some odd miles. Saturday was 100 miles, Sunday was 75. Being that i am mainly a mtn biker, i'm not in the best shape to be doing long road tours, but i've done the tour before and i figured i could manage it. I went on a 50 mile training ride a couple weeks ago and felt okay, aside from some numbness that wore off after a couple hours.

About halfway through day one of the tour, the pain started kicking in. Then it went numb, which was expected. I was on a brand new seat, a Selle Italia Max Flite Trans Am (with the cut-out). I figured the cut-out would help, but maybe since it was its inagural ride, i wasn't yet used to it. I remained calm and prayed the numbness would go away after the ride was done. After i finished the century, the numbness was still there, so i decided to play it safe and skip day 2. Now it's Tuesday and it's still quite numb, not much better than it was just after the ride. That's about three days.

Is this normal? I am strongly considering going to see a Urologist. Everything still works okay, but things just don't feel right. Does this happen to anyone else? Should i go see a Doctor immideately?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I'm no Doctor....Lazy
Apr 24, 2001 9:27 AM
But I can categorically say that being numb on Tuesday from a ride on Saturday is NOT normal. I would recommend seeing a sawbones ASAP.

BTW-riding a new saddle, or anything else new, for the first time on a century probably isn't the best idea you've ever had.

Good luck and I hope it turns out to be something not serious.
re: Numbness not going away (any Doctors in the house?)Cliff Oates
Apr 24, 2001 10:15 AM
Go see a Doc. 2 days is too long. I have experienced this problem before, but the longest it has persisted for me is 12 hours, and that scared the crap out of me.

FWIW, I find that minor adjustments in the saddle angle have a big effect. A week ago I did a century and experienced some level of numbness for 6-8 hours after the ride. I had raised the saddle angle a bit prior to that ride because the nose of the saddle had been a bit too far down for my comfort. I adjusted it back partway (probably < centimeter) and did another century last Sunday and all was well. It doesn't take much.
re: Numbness not going away (any Doctors in the house?)Kevin MD
Apr 24, 2001 1:52 PM
I wouldn't panic just yet. Sometimes numbness can last a while, up to a week or so.

However, I would at least talk to your family physician. Don't run off to a urologist (and if you are uninsured he is going to be more expensive) before talking to your family doc. Rarely, unless you are having severe pain, is there anything to do for the numbness except wait and see, it should get better.

Remember, I only contribute for the sake of the discussion and to bring a bit of medical science to the conversation. This does not constitute a physican-patient relationship. You should speak to or see you family physician about any medical issues. You know what they say about free advice...


-- Kevin MD
im a doctor..ishmael
Apr 24, 2001 7:26 PM
im not certified but i diagnose all the time..what you have i like to call numbness, you need a better seat..the cut out thing doesnt work for me especially..if its numb dont do it....this is a good rule of thumb..the rule of thumb, if its numb, softer on the bumm..
Ishy, as a doctor and a godly man....E3
Apr 25, 2001 11:10 AM
..., please grace the thread about back pain with your wisdom.

HEAL those aching backs, mine included, I beseech of you!

My doctor says "disc problem," I suspect sciatic demonic infestation.
consider it doneishmael
Apr 26, 2001 6:16 AM
all those that believe shall be healed, those that dont shall rot in huffy hell..send me 30 dollars and i will pray for you...on the more practical side, my ma and pa have bad backs and my pa swears by his scrappy insole for his shorter has healed him...that and streaching are all i know...thats not my specialty