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Grease Guns. How useful are they for home wrenching?(13 posts)

Grease Guns. How useful are they for home wrenching?boy nigel
Apr 24, 2001 7:40 AM
I'll be getting Speedplay X-2s this week. I understand that, with their Speedy Luber, one needs a grease gun to refresh/clean out the existing grease every so often (standard maintenance).

How useful are grease guns for everyday stuff? Will I only use it for my pedals? I've applied grease to other bike parts without one. Is it easier/better/cleaner with the gun? Also, will the pressure from the gun get it all over the place?

These may be silly questions, but they're honest. Thanks a bunch, gang.

re: Grease Guns. How useful are they for home wrenching?Ken
Apr 24, 2001 8:02 AM
I got the Frogs. I couldn't find a grease gun small enough for my purposes. The diameter of the grease applicator hole on the Frog pedals is very small. Where am I going to get a grease gun with a nozzle that will fit it? I solved this problem by getting a 5 ml syringe used by diabetics I think. I throw the needle away and try to suck the grease into the syringe cylinder. Eventually some grease does get into the cylinger by sticking the syringe nozzle into the tin of grease and pulling back on the plunger. This method works for me.
I've got a pseudo gunLazy
Apr 24, 2001 8:02 AM
It's a neat little dealy that screws right on top of a tube of grease. I got it at (gasp) Performance for 20 bucks and it came with a tube of grease. On the website it's called "Pedro's Syngrease with Injector". I haven't used it for the Speedplay's yet, but I'm sure it will work. The pedals come with a fitting for a grease gun.

I'm not sure if this is an economical purchase or not, but it made more sense to me than a full blown grease gun.

Enjoy your pedals. I really like mine.
Other uses?boy nigel
Apr 24, 2001 8:12 AM
Hey Lazy,

Have you found other uses for the gun-style attachment? I've considered the Pedro's deal too, since I dig their stuff big-time.

Is it simply another way to dispense grease, rather than using the tube like a toothpaste dispenser?

Thanks for your input, and the Speedplay wishes. So they come WITH the Speedy Luber piece? I've seen it sold for about $5. I'll check if it's in the packaging when I get them.

Other uses?Lazy
Apr 24, 2001 8:27 AM
Well, I don't suppose it's really all that much better than just squeezing it out of a tube for most practical purposes. It does squirt out a pretty small stream, which I like. That little stream will continue to squirt after your done with it if you're not careful though.

Before I bought it I even opened it up in the store to test it out with other brands of grease. And to my surprise (I know, this is unheard of in the bike industry) it actually worked with about three other brands! Basically, I thought it was a pretty cool little gadget so I bought it.

As far as the Speedy Luber, I don't have the requisite 5K miles on my pedals yet to have greased the inards, so I'm not absolutely positive if that's what that thing in my box was. It does resemble a grease gun nozzle, and I can't figure out anything else it could possibly be. Give me about another two months or so and I'll let ya know.
Great stuff.boy nigel
Apr 24, 2001 8:45 AM
Good information. Thanks, o Lazy one.

Pedro's tends to design things very nicely and thoroughly (their Bike Lust polish and BioDegreaser even SMELL GREAT!). I'll pick one of them up, for sure. Trying it out in a store would definitely be something I'd do; I like to be very thorough, especially with purchases.

BTW, did you name yourself after Lazy Smurf? Just kidding (sort of). I tend to think of him when I see your name -- just between you and me. ;) He was the one who slept all the time and was always yawning and looking for "good places to nap." Nice guy, though. :)

Well, sorta....Lazy
Apr 24, 2001 9:19 AM
I wasn't really thinking about Lazy Smurf, but what you described is not all that un-accurate. It's more that I have a tendancy for looking for an easier/better way to do things, which often times takes me twice as much work as just doing it. This, coupled with the fact that I found this site one day while at work and shirking off a project I was supposed to be doing sort of lead to it. Besides, I couldn't think of anything else at the time and it kind of stuck.

Enjoy your grease squirter. :-D

What timing!Java
Apr 24, 2001 9:13 AM
I've been meaning to borrow a friend's grease gun for a while now and just last night I finally sat down and re-lubed my Speedplay X-2s and two pairs of Speedplay Frogs I own.

A few observations:

1) Be patient with the end cap on the X-2s, I used an exacto knife to carefully pry it out.

2) The Speedy Luber is just a little cap that fits in place of the end cap, with a hole to insert the grease gun nozzle, it's a tight fit and you'll want pliers, or the like, to yank it out.

3) Squeezing grease through pedals with a grease gun is pretty cool in my books, you can actually hear it gurgling through and see all the older black grease come out the other side ... fun, fun, fun!

4) I thought my older set of Frogs were simply past their prime and ready for the trash bin, but I held on to them as a backup set. Wouldn't you know it, shoot the grease in there (ugly stuff out the other end) and the play that had developed between the axle and the pedal body was virtually eliminated.

5) Since this is not something you'll need to do all that often, if you've got a friend with a grease gun, just borrow it and save yourself the $$.

Good luck with the Speedplays, I love 'em.
Thanks for the primer!boy nigel
Apr 24, 2001 9:50 AM

I look forward to having enough mileage on the X-2s to grease them up. Sounds pretty easy. They say it's supposed to take about 30 seconds, but it sounds a little precarious, what with pliers and tight fits. Still, easy enough.

Thanks, Java.
Speedplay hint #2sputnik
Apr 24, 2001 3:56 PM
Another hint-
After filling up the Speedplays with new grease, squishing out the old, be careful about your shoes and walkng around the house. The grease may continue to ooze out the pedals for a little while, maybe even a couple days, and you get it on your cleats without realizing it. I usually realize it when I see the greasy spots I leave on the carpet.
re: Grease Guns. How useful are they for home wrenching?Broom Wagon
Apr 24, 2001 12:02 PM
I called Performance to see if they had the Speedy Luber device and they just said to bring in my bike and they would do it for me.

I took my bike and they injected the grease and charged me $2 for new seals as the old ones didn't fit all that well after removal. Saved me from having to buy the Speedy Luber, grease gun and grease. Great service.
greasing the X2sET
Apr 25, 2001 5:24 AM
I just greased my X2s for the first time a few weeks ago. If I can do it, mechanically inept as I am, anyone can. The first pedal took me 5 minutes and half my grease container (and grease everywhere--hands, rag, etc.), the second took me 20 seconds after I figured out what to do, and I now feel so proud of myself! I'm tempted to build up a frame next. :-)

As others said, you'll need a real thin scewdriver to get the cap off the pedal; the only thing I had thin enough to get in was an eyeglass screwdriver thingy that comes in those $1.49 eyeglass repair kits you get in the supermarket; that works great! Next, you need to insert that Speedplay luber. One comes with the pedals. If you need another luber, Colorado Cyclist has them listed next to the Speedplay pedals; I think it comes with two lubers and a new cap. Here's the rubs: the luber looks like it should go on one way, but it really goes on the other way, but only one way fits; also (and here is what I missed), it is not enough to just push it in, because when injecting the grease, the grease will come out back towards you. You have to give the luber a gentle tap or two with a hammer, and that will get it in tight. I have the cheaper Pedro injection gun and grease and it works great (new tubes of dry lube grease are available at any LBS). Just screw the grease tube onto the injector. Then inject the grease. If things are working properly, there will be little or no grease coming back out towards you. After 3 or 4 squeezes, the old blackish-blue-looking grease will start coming out the spindle side. Keep injecting until all you see coming out is fresh new white grease. Wipe away excess. Then take a pliers and gently pull out luber, then replace cap on pedal. Done!
Impressively thorough. I'd expect nothing less from you, ET.boy nigel
Apr 25, 2001 7:01 AM
Thanks for taking the time to give us all a step-by-step Speedplay lubing guide and for sharing your experience and all those helpful hints. Very kind. I'm a ways away from lubing mine (getting them tomorrow), but I've printed your reply (and the rest of them) out to tuck away for when I hit that regreasing time.

Now build up that frame and tell us how it went. :)

Cheers, Elliot.