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So how was your guilt trip on the weekend?(2 posts)

So how was your guilt trip on the weekend?Brian C.
Apr 24, 2001 7:01 AM
By happenstance, Monday was a day off. By design, it would be a good opportunity to strive for a century out on the country roads with no Sunday drivers to worry about and no need to rush home to look after a child. What's more, after a long, grinding winter, the forecast called for fair, sunny weather.
Then my girlfriend announces that on Monday she would be helping to move her daughter to new digs. But I planned to go cycling that day; That's okay, you go cycling. And she gives me The Look.
So while I'm out there in the Niagara Peninsula under a Salvadore Dali sky with robins cheering me along, I can't help but think: Is it selfish of me?
And the odometer clocked in at 91 miles. Damn.
Yeah, but you sound down with it, anyway. Selfish in thebill
Apr 24, 2001 7:44 AM
short term. You'll pay for it later. With interest. And then it'll be okay again.
As an ol' college buddy told me a long time ago, the good thing about guilt is that it goes away.