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What pedals to get?(10 posts)

What pedals to get?Psychler
Apr 22, 2001 3:58 AM
Having been a mountain biker for years, I now enter the world of road riding....I have always used the Onza pedals, and oddly enough I may look into new mtb pedals as well. Pedals are an investment, once purchased, VERY difficult to return...Where do I start? I love the idea of Speedplay, but do I need to "feel" locked in, ? etc....
A few thoughtsMel Erickson
Apr 22, 2001 7:03 AM
Larger pedal platform/cleat is more important for road riding IMHO. Pedaling is more constant and not as varied as on the MTB. Small contact area, even with very stiff road shoes, can cause hot spots. You don't need to clip in and out as much on the road and when you do its usually not unexpected. Double sided entry doesn't hurt but is not as important on the road. Float (amount, free, loaded) is a personal preference. Some love free float while others don't. Some need mucho degrees of float while more limited float is fine for others. What you're used to can be an important factor. I tend to stick to similar amounts of float on road and MTB just so my knees and legs don't have a huge adjustment to make from one to the other. I have free float on my road bike (Keywin, 9 degrees) and spring loaded float on my MTB (spd, 6 degrees). Relatively unlimited float, like Speedplay, makes cleat setup easier. Returning pedals is tough. Will your LBS allow you to try different pedals? How about shoes? Do you want to use your MTB shoes on the road or get new road shoes. This decision will influence your pedal choice greatly.
Very happy with DA SPD-Rs!!! NMJimbob
Apr 23, 2001 9:13 AM
An idea.boy nigel
Apr 22, 2001 7:57 AM
I've been in the same boat as of late (buying pedals). After doing some research, I've learned that offers a no-questions-asked policy about returned goods. I've questioned them about pedals (You may want to do the same, just to be sure I didn't get a "rookie" in customer service), and they stand behind everything. I asked that, if I tried pedals and they weren't satisfactory or didn't work for me, they'd take them for full credit. The answer was "yes." Not all mail-order companies offer this.

I'm considering Speedplays, pretty confident that, if SO many people use them with such great satisfaction, I can certainly adjust to the free float and enjoy them.

(Attention "DT": I was about to go for the Bebops, but a) I'd have to purchase new shoes--$$; b) though Mr. Bebop got back to me quickly, his replies were short, ill-written, and fairly uninformatve (Didn't appear that he wanted to take much time to get even semi-in-depth about my inquiries); and c) they still have "New for 1998" blurbs on their Web site--not a good sign, in my opinion, and not particularly forward-looking. I wanted them, but these things have changed my mind.)

Call Performance and double-check; this may ease your decision (and pain). BTW, you don't need to feel "locked in," but you do need to feel confident that you won't unclip unintentionally, similar to MTBing. Big accidents can occur when the accidental releases do.

Good luck.
Bebops! (hey, nigel!)DT
Apr 22, 2001 5:40 PM
I swear by 'em...just ask Nigel here. Same great float as Speedplay's, lower stack-height, lower weight, lower cost. Yes, Nigel, I did see the "New for '98" on the website, too...that's a shame how you were treated. I think I'll email Mr Bebop and cut/paste your note in there to show how he lost a customer. They're really a great product, but they definitely need to be more customer-service oriented. Fortunately for me, I've yet to have a problem with mine. Just got a pair of new shoes and put new cleats on 'em! Good luck!
Hey, DT! How goes?boy nigel
Apr 23, 2001 7:14 AM

Yeah, it really is a shame 'bout Bebop. I'm sure their pedals are as good if not better than Speedplays, but the product is only part (albeit the biggest part) of the purchase. Can't thank you enough (again) for your detailed and interesting emails about them. I feel I'm letting you down by getting the SPs after all we discussed. :(

I was psyched to get them until I found out that I'd need to shell out $$ for new/compatible shoes and got the (un)answers from John (I think that was his name) about my queries. They really MUST update that Web site. SP's is so up to date that it's silly, and they have those nice schematics and instructions on them, etc. Oh well, enough Bebop vs. Speedplay for now.

I hope you had a couple of GREAT rides this weekend. (We had 85F on Sunday and close to that on Saturday, for a huge change. Feels like summer here in NYC.)

Take care, and ride fast.
I prefer look4bykn
Apr 22, 2001 8:55 AM
Pedals are like saddles, everyone has their own preference, and everyone else is wrong. I have been riding Look and Look-style Shimano for ten years now, and I see no reason to even try another.
re: What pedals to get?LLSmith
Apr 22, 2001 5:03 PM
I switched from the Ritchey pro's to Speedplay x2's with Sidi genius 3 shoes. The float works great for me as I was having some problems with one knee. I did get a hot spot on my right foot. On the right shoe only I moved the cleat back about 1/4"(they can be adjusted).Have had no problems since I adjusted them. Larry Smith
Look Look Look!look271
Apr 23, 2001 5:02 PM
I like the feeling of the big platform, some "float", and that nice "clicked-in" feeling that you get.
Just switched from Look to SP...(little long)biknben
Apr 23, 2001 6:56 PM
I was a Look user since '89. I had Look Carbo Pro pedals one my bike since '91. Just switched to Speedplay X-1s last week. I didn't have any bad experiences with the Looks. My decision was based on two things: Float and weight. I ride Time pedals on my MT bike which have gobs of float so I didn't think the SP's float would give me a problem. The SPs are up to half the weight of their competition. Call me a weight wheenie...but that's hard to ignore.

After putting 200 miles on the Speedplays I have gotten used to them. No "Hot spots" with my Sidi shoes. The only thing I wish they had is a "Click" when getting out. You hear and feel the click when you step down but when uncliping you just get to a certain point and your out. This bugs me because with the Looks I would unclip and few seconds before a stop, keep my foot on the pedal, and soft pedal a stroke or two. For instance if I'm at a red light but think it may change soon. I'd unclip but keep my foot on the platform ready to step back in. Doing this in the SP still feels awkward but I assume I'll get used to it.

Those who have tried the SPs either love them or hate 'em. Every few weeks there is a debate in this forum about them but nothing is ever resolved. The Product Reviews are mixed on most of the pedal brands. I just dropped the cash and hoped for the best.

Good luck!