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Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3(5 posts)

Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3lott
Apr 21, 2001 8:40 PM
I'm buying a new bike next week(Trek 5200) and some friends told me to get Speedplay X2 Pedals. After doing research on Shoes(I haven't tried them on yet), I seemed to like the Sidi Genius 3 shoes. I was told by the bike shop that adapters are needed for the shoes to mount on these pedals. My question is this. Are the adapters a bad thing??? Do they hinder the shoe from mounting to the pedals or is it more of a "they look ugly" with adapters thing. Thanks!!!
re: Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3Cliff Oates
Apr 22, 2001 1:31 AM
The adapters are just shims that fit between the cleat and the sole of the shoe so that the cleat has a solid base against the curvature of the sole. The pedals come with shims for Sidi and other shoes, while Sidi shoes come with shims for Look cleats with others being available separately. Shims are how it's done. FWIW, I use X-2 pedals with Sidi Genius shoes, but I previously had mounted Campy (Look clone) cleats on the same shoes. Everything looks and works just fine.
re: Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3DonB
Apr 22, 2001 3:54 AM
I use this exact setup. As the other poster said, there is no problem with the adapters. If you have a choice, get the newer version of the Speedplay cleats. They come with a "snap-shim" adapter specific to the Sidi shoes and are easier to set up than the older (non-snap?) shims.
re: Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3Eames
Apr 22, 2001 5:52 AM
You don't even notice they are there. No one could tell unless they thought about what pedals and shoes you are using. Besides what do you care. They work fine.
re: Speedplay x2's and Sidi Genius 3LI Biker
Apr 22, 2001 1:18 PM
I too have the same bike, pedals and shoes. All are great. The shim is just a thin piece of plastic that fits between the sole and cleat.