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Am I the only one . . .(3 posts)

Am I the only one . . .mike mcmahon
Apr 21, 2001 4:44 PM
who was unable to access this board for the past few days? I tried from work and home and received a message that the server could not be reached. I also tried the sister sites (mtbreview, audioreview, etc.) and got nothing. It looks like folks have been posting away the past few days. Was I the only one with a problem?

P.S. Dang, I love brand new pavement! They just repaved about a 3-mile stretch of my regular ride that was really ugly: potholes, rough pavement, cracks and gaps. Plus I had a tailwind for 32 miles on the way home. It almost made me forget about the headwind I fought for 32 miles on the way out. I love riding a bike!
re: nopeAkirasho
Apr 21, 2001 4:56 PM
Did same as you at sister sites and got same message... guess server was experiencing problems... on the other hand, the board in general has not crashed to my knowledge since the upgrades.

Yup, fresh pavement and a little tail are a good thing... alas, Mother Nature is not exactly fair about it though... With respect to energy exerted fighting the headwind, you'll never recoup 100% on the return... but at least it's something. Luckily, the winds remained constant for you... last strong wind ride for me caught me catching the squal line of a storm system on the inbound (tailwind) leg, only to fight an even more brutal headwind for the last 9 miles... ate me alive.

Be the bike.
Got luckymike mcmahon
Apr 21, 2001 5:55 PM
I left home this morning at 6:30, so the wind wasn't too bad as I headed out. However, later in the morning, the wind picked up, giving me a stronger tailwind than the headwind I had faced. I enjoyed it, knowing I was unlikely to relive this experience for at least a year.