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need advice/opinions on road bike just bought(3 posts)

need advice/opinions on road bike just boughtIAmtnbikr
Apr 21, 2001 4:53 AM
finally bit the bullet and got a Raleigh R700. The components are nearly all Ultegra, with a 105 bb. My question(s) ...I have a set of Spinergy wheels, had them on my hybrid for 5 yrs with no problems. If the information I see is correct, they are nearly 250 grams lighter than the R535's that are on the bike. Is this true? If so, I will swap them out and lose over a half pound on the one bike, the other is not a big deal, just a commuter and used to pull a Burley. Also, (please no flame here!) am I a total dork for liking my MTB Time ATAC pedals and maybe putting a set on a road bike too? Or do I give the road pedals a chance? Also, if I find I ride more hilly terrain, can the double Ultegra crankset be changed to a triple, and if so, what is involved. Thanks for the input, this is all new to me. I just want a fairly nice, long-living road bike to train with.
re: need advice/opinions on road bike just boughtDrD
Apr 21, 2001 5:58 AM
Spinergies - assuming they have the correct spacing, and will take a 9spd cassette, shouldn't be a problem (I'll take your word for it on the weight - if you don't know for sure, you have both wheelsets - weigh them and find out)

Pedals - do whatever you are comfortable with - lots of people use "mtb" pedals on a road bike - if they work for you, stick with them.

Double to triple - it's not as easy as just changing the crankset - you need to replace the crankset, bottom bracket (need a longer spindle) and the deraileurs (need a mid or long cage version in back, and more travel in front) - depending on the cassette you choose, you might be able to get away with not replacing the rear der.
re: need advice/opinions on road bike just boughtBruno S
Apr 21, 2001 1:06 PM
About the wheels, lists wheel weights. Check them out first to see if they are really lighter.

About the pedals. One thing at a time, use the pedals you feel comfortable with until you have settled into your new road bike.

About the triple. Yes you can change it to triple but you must replace: bottom bracket, cranks and derailleur. Not cheap. A different cassette could be a better solution.