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Fit advice for a Giant TCR2 road bike - Please help...(3 posts)

Fit advice for a Giant TCR2 road bike - Please help...SteveO
Apr 20, 2001 11:10 AM
I'm thinking of getting a 01 Giant TCR2 road bike. The compact frame makes sizing somewhat difficult. I'm 6'-0" and have a 33" inseam. My typical center of BB to top of seat is 31-9/16". The large seems the way to go but the top tube is slightly longer then my old bike (1/2" approx.) Another question is does Giant supply the bike with a certain size seatpost and stem or can I specify which one I need. (They offer 7 different size seatposts and 3 different length stems), but is this an extra cost above what is supplied stock?

Thanks for any help!!
In the latest issue of Cycling Plus...ET
Apr 20, 2001 12:33 PM
there is a thorough review of the TCR. The tester, conveniently, was also 6' tall. He tested the medium, with a 58.0 TT, and if I understood the article right, with an effective TT of 58.5 (you may want to doublecheck in a Giant catalog or web site). Importantly, he said that due to the long top tube (however calculated), he had to use a 9 stem (!) to get the reach right. And yet he said the handlebar height was 6 cm closer to the gound than the other compacts tested, so that it felt like a time trial bike! And that means he cant' size down either.

Some may be caught in between sizes, in which case maybe it's not for them. Maybe TJeanloz is right that this supposed one-size-fits-all thing is not as great as it's cracked up to be.
See the Giant Web siteboy nigel
Apr 22, 2001 2:40 PM

This page has all of the frame measurements, seatpost lengths, and gives you choices for BB-to-seat measurements. Take this measurement on your present bike (assuming that you're comfortable and have proper leg extension on your present bike), then match it up with the numbers on this page.

Use ET's Cycling Plus suggestion (your first respondent) as a starting point, since the tester was close to your size, and fine-tune the sizing with the Web page info.

Good luck. Once you fit it, you're good forever. It was very simple for me, and I've never been more comfortable on a bike (the ride's great, too, which has something to do with it).