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Observations from commute this AM(3 posts)

Observations from commute this AMnodima
Apr 20, 2001 4:49 AM
Rode 20 miles to work today, in balmy 35 degree temps.

2 observations:

there are a lot of people in Mass that smoke pot in the early AM...kinda frightening

why do the same people that pass you by going totally in the oncoming lane then proceed to stop on the far right side of the lane at a stop sign?

Unsure if the above are related...

Also, I have lasting cold spots on body parts that have too much fat, stomach, and "love handles" strange sensation. Guess I need to ride more to get rid of them. :)
re: Observations from commute this AMMrCelloBoy
Apr 20, 2001 8:50 AM
Dear Nodima,

I have the same observation regarding the cold parts. It's fun checking your stokers cold parts in a hot shower after a cold ride. Assuming their of the opposite sex or your personal preference...
I'm not sure that riding will get rid of a protruding stomach. I'm starting to grow one myself and I see a disturbing number of FAST and ACTIVE cyclists that still have a gut! Maybe crunches are in order?

Re; the driver. I think it's just coincidence. I've also noticed that my tandem seems to get a LOT more respect from drivers. I think it seems to them like it could damage their paint job much more than a half-bike!
re: Observations from commute this AMCartman
Apr 21, 2001 10:21 AM
The reason that so many people smoke pot is because they must know that if they get caught, they will get a slap on the wrist form the liberal MA court system! One guy I arested that was driving while smoking also had a pound of pot in the back, he got a $100 fine and a 60 day loss of license, what kind of message is that?