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Loctite on crank arm bolts?(4 posts)

Loctite on crank arm bolts?Kurt H
Apr 19, 2001 9:20 AM
Hey folks,
I'm having a problem with the crank arm bolt on my drive side crank coming loose on my commuter. I have to tighten it every couple of days to keep the crank from flopping around so much that the chain hits the front der. every time my right leg comes around. I can think of a good reason to use Loctite, but is there any reason why I should NOT use Loctite, or a similar product, on the threads of this bolt? BTW, common sense recommends that I use one of the more general purpose Loctite versions, not the one that you have to use a torch to remove. Please give me credit for that :-)
re: Loctite on crank arm bolts?Larry Meade
Apr 19, 2001 11:30 AM
You can try loctite as it won't hurt anything, but I suspect that it may only help in the short term. It sounds like your right crank arm may be worn to the point where it won't stay tight. I have never personally had to use loctite to keep a crank bold tight. Once it is tight, there shouldn't be that much force causing it to loosen unless the arm is worn at the BB spindle and creates enough play to work the bolt loose.
re: Loctite on crank arm bolts?Larry Davidson
Apr 20, 2001 6:40 PM
Loctite won't hurt, just be sure to use the blue and not the red. With the red you'll have to use a cutting torch to get it loose. I had to loctite my Campy Daytona bottom bracket and have no problems.
re: Loctite on crank arm bolts?coonass
Apr 21, 2001 7:17 AM
I would also use the BLUE version but you may want to try some plumber's teflon tape if you're still unsure of the future results. (this may 'fill' the worn area enough to eliminate the problem)