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Weight Weenies I need your HELP!(8 posts)

Weight Weenies I need your HELP!SLM
Apr 19, 2001 8:23 AM
I really want to be a weight weenie (but I have limited funds).
I very often read about these 17.5lbs, 18.5lbs etc. bikes. My bike weighs 19.75lbs. What am I missing or what should I change out to get around 18 to 18.5lbs?

Here's what I have:

Frame: 58cm full carbon monocoque by Mongoose. I weighed it at 3lbs exactly
Fork: C-dale carbon Slice Prodigy (key hole style) steel steerer.
Wheels: 9spd Ultegra hubs. Mavic CXP-23 rims. 32 hole, Radial 15/17g frt. 14/15g rear.
Tires: Michelin Axial Pro 700-23 rear, 700-20 frt. Both have 60g tubes.
All Ultegra 9 speed except the brake calipers which are 105.
Pedals: Icon Delasole weight is about 250g
Bar is an Icon. I weighed it at approx 240g.
Stem is a quill TTT. I weighed it at approx 240g.
Seat is a FI'ZI:K Pave; 265g
Post is a Campy aero style about 230g.

What the H is wrong?
What should I change out first for the biggest loss of weight? The wheels? (Open Pro rims are 420g , CXP-23 are 460g, not much difference.)
light bikes aren't cheap...alansutton
Apr 19, 2001 8:49 AM
it's not as easy as swapping wheels or a seat post. Everything has to be considered; BB, crank, post, seat, shifters- it all adds up quickly! You can save 125gm by switching to a lighter seat, another 100 with a USE carbon post. That's a half pound already! But it'll cost you lot's of $$$ and really, you'll lose durability, reliability and to some extent comfort.
re: Weight Weenies I need your HELP!ixiz
Apr 19, 2001 9:45 AM
carbon fork w/ carbon steerer and stem shall get you a good less 250-300g $200-300
Stem ITM millenium = 125-145g & Fork 350-375 gram $50
Wheels 650-700g front and 875-950g rear is respectable ($varies)
Thomson post (reasonable price) 185gram $60
Speedplay or bebop pedals = < 200grams ($120-200)
SLR saddle but may not be comfy depending on your rear = 135g-145g ($75)
veloflex tires 140-185g depending on model (eacH) ($100 pair)
re: Weight Weenies I need your HELP!ixiz
Apr 19, 2001 9:57 AM
Its when you want to get to 16lbs thats goin to get expansive.
carbon seat Post
Boutique wheels / prebuilt (velomax, ksyrium,.....)
Ti cassette
FRame (2.0-2.3lb)
Magnesium stems (Stems are something i wont go to light)
carbon handle bars
re: Weight Weenies I need your HELP!milsk8
Apr 19, 2001 12:13 PM
If you switch to threadless and tubulars, you can probably cut off more than a pound.
re: Weight Weenies I need your HELP!Cyberwolf
Apr 19, 2001 2:10 PM
If I have learned anything from this message board it is your best
recommendation is to loose 2 pounds body weight (Grin) I am surprised
there hasn't been any of these responses yet. Seems logical to me
to lose 2 lbs by riding more, exercising, and riding more than
spending $$$$ that could be put to better use then losing weight
from your bike. Please don't take this as a smart%^% response just
don't understand the logic of making your bike lighter vs. making
yourself lighter just seems more logical!
re: Weight Weenies I need your HELP!Skip
Apr 19, 2001 2:18 PM
Velomax Ascent Comp wheels will drop a pound off the total weight, and will also give you the best single noticeable weight change because it's being removed from the rotating mass (a pound off the wheels is comparable to two pounds off the frame). The SLR saddle and an Alien seat post will drop more significant weight. After that, it becomes more piecemeal, but every gram adds up - if you remove 30 G, 16 times, you've dropped another pound. Speedplay X-2 peddles, SRP bolt kit, Dura-Ace, King Ti cages, 3TTT Prima bars, all carbon fork (Look, AME, Ouzo Pro, etc.), etc. Best of luck.
Body weight/bike weightLanterneRouge
Apr 20, 2001 8:36 AM
19.5 is not bad for a 58 cm rig. My 56cm 3D Racing/Dura-Ace weighs 17. My advice is similar to those above: start with the front end -- all carbon fork, threadless headset and stem, and get a lighter bar. Next would be wheels (Open Pro/Dura-Ace wheels are pretty cheap). Then post and seat. These mods will give you the greatest weight loss for the buck. You can shave a few more grams with Ti bolts, D/A components here and there, but these changes are high cost/low return relative to what you're running now.

As for the post about losing weight, I think most of us know and acknowledge that losing a couple of pounds on the body is cheaper and will do more for performance than losing weight off the bike. But that doesn't mean it is any less fun trying to build the lightest bike possible. My philosophy is if you're spending some scratch on your bike, and it's looking, feeling and riding better, you'll ride more and focus more, so the weight loss will follow.