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Two things I learned from building my bike(1 post)

Two things I learned from building my bikeE3
Apr 18, 2001 1:02 PM
I recently transplanted the parts off of my Sampson Kalispell onto my new no-name carbon frame from PedalForce. The only new stuff was DA STI w/cables to replace the Ultegra STI.

This was my first experience with a "build." Two unexpected things I learned:

1) The front derailleur was much more difficult to adjust than the rear. I expected the opposite to be true.

2) Does every rider in the world know that you can trim the front derailleur to access more rear cogs? In my five years of riding, reading cycling mags, etc., I never heard or knew of it.

So there I was, reading the Shimano DA STI installation instructions. There was a section about trimming. It was like discovering the shortcut to the New World. I've been happilly trimming and accessing cogs that used to be out of reach ever since I finally got the damn front derailleur adjusted.

Is this common knowledge? Am I the last to know?

By the way, I very much like the stiff and comfy ride of carbon.