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Apologies(16 posts)

Apr 18, 2001 7:55 AM
First, sorry for the self-indulgent post.

Second, I've been posting here for a very long time, and have made some errors in judgment. Most of the time, I, as with nearly everyone here, try to be helpful and sincere. But, from time to time, sarcasm, missed attempts at humor, quick and thoughtless responses, or in personam remarks get through. Many times what seems funny or witty at the time doesn't appear that way after reading it later, especially in context of subsequent posts. I apologize for these.

Recalling the Forum Pact of long ago, I'll do my best to comply. For those unfamiliar with it, here is the link:

Thanks all.

accurate statements,judgement,etc.,as applies to the BoardBreck
Apr 18, 2001 8:11 AM
The most accurate statement, IMHO, on the Board was the one you (Doug Sloan) made regards e-mail type "conversations" Vs face-to-face remarks. That is, it is most difficult to reply to replies, etc. under the constraints of e-mail posts regards content, spelling, funny or clever remarks, pick-out-that-one-line & get off thread and eventually the whole spool's out on the floor far away from the needle & stitch, or main point.

As to your main point here, guilty as charged me-self.
at some later slower post-point may throw in the "bone" of mis-spelling, etc. & the replies it generates. Mebee knott, as will simply get off-thread too.

re: ApologiesDaveG
Apr 18, 2001 8:19 AM
Doug, I'm not sure if you are referring to any specific incident, but I think you've proven your civility over the past couple years. I think anyone who posts here often has had at least one case where they regretted something they wrote. That's far different from coming out swinging everyday. Just recite the pact 3 times and move on.
maybe we need a Forum apology link :-)ET
Apr 18, 2001 9:18 AM
Your wording sounds like it could apply to almost anyone. I'll take this time to apologize myself. One poster wasn't happy about my mentioning my differences with him in a new more visible post rather than in an older thread I thought would no longer be seen, and I can see his point. And "from time to time, sarcasm, missed attempts at humor, quick and thoughtless responses, or in personam remarks get through. Many times what seems funny or witty at the time doesn't appear that way after reading it later, especially in context of subsequent posts. I apologize for these." My philosophy is to attempt to be helpful and humorous, and if I sometimes miss or get carried away, sorry.

That said, it seems, at least regarding you, that it is not the most culpable doing the apologizing. I often have to re-read your posts a few times to even figure out what annoyed another poster, and sometimes wonder why it was so bad, especially in the larger scheme of things. There are other posters, often rather anonymous, who seem to have a generally nasty tone about them. And is it my imagination, or has the general tone degraded a bit here? Also, and not independent of this, egos seem to be getting hurt more easily.
None required...DINOSAUR
Apr 18, 2001 9:20 AM
I have been posting on the forum for over a year. I have come to the conclusion that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. You can't respond to all of the posts. Everything is subject to debate anyway. The whole idea is to offer different points of view. What works for one, might not work for another. I try to post like I am talking face to face with another person, and we can't take ourselves too seriously, otherwise we would all be writing for VeloNews. Things seem very slow now, perhaps because of the change of format. Anyway, life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the ride, we are lucky to do what we do and don't appreciate it...
Apr 18, 2001 11:04 AM
It is nice to see that some people are not afraid to look at themselves and entertain the possibility they are fallible. These are the people I want to befriend and ride with.
Actually, Doug, it was kind of cool to see you unload now andbill
Apr 18, 2001 12:09 PM
then. Not that I thought that you ever crossed the line of Internet manners, and you certainly crossed no line that others don't cross routinely.
Don't be so hard on yourself, Doug. It's cool. Your humanity shows in the help you give, in the (slight) testiness you've eventually exhibited, and in your ultimate humility about the whole thing. A hat trick.
thanks allDog
Apr 18, 2001 12:20 PM
Thanks, all. It's a great group here, really.

On another subject, I'm starting to freak out about this weekend. I'm off to do that Furnace Creek preview thing, 440 miles in 4 days, and the last day has 13,000 feet of climbing in 90 miles. Never did anything like this before. Just now I see on one weather site that it's 100 degrees in Death Valley. I'll be incommunicado until next week, maybe longer...

Good Luck!! (nm)JBergland
Apr 19, 2001 5:09 AM
With all due respect....Unbemench
Apr 18, 2001 12:52 PM're not very funny in this medium, appear to need quite a bit of group approval and control, and seem a tad self-centered. So what? If that's who you are, take your place in the pack and ride on. When your posts are none of the above mentioned criticisms, they're excellent and informative (but wouldn't be you w/o them). It's a rather loose forum for clear communication, gotta let alot go... So no need to apologize!

Apology denied ...Humma Hah
Apr 18, 2001 1:07 PM
... you have nothing to apologize for. You are one of, in fact the principal, individual responsible for the uncommonly civil nature of this board.

Thank you, good sir.
re: ApologiesMikeC
Apr 18, 2001 3:22 PM
It would be nice if those for whom your message was intended "got" it...but they probably don't read between lines.
re: ApologiesSkip
Apr 18, 2001 3:57 PM
Doug, I've never seen anything posted by you that I would consider remotely offensive. Everyone has different personalities, on & off days, tolerence levels, etc. I enjoy your posts - color and all (call it witty sarcasm, humor, etc.); especially the knowledge and experience you offer to this forum. Post away as you see fit. The individuals that most need to abide by the pact, never will; and those that do sign the pact, probably never needed to in the first place. Still, sign me up.

PS: Best of luck at FC.
Hey man! Sometimes you gotta let the hen out.PatH
Apr 18, 2001 4:35 PM
Besides J.S. is surley and irascible he likes to keep the board lively. Remember when he spanked that elitist chump O2 'n Lungs? Those were fun days to drop by.
Not necessary.shmoo
Apr 18, 2001 4:56 PM
I haven't read anything coming from you that could (should) be considered in a negative light in any way. I've seen others misunderstand your meaning or tone, or assume negative implication or personal attack where there is none, but that's their problem. (The word "naive", like "ignorant" is not name calling or a statement about intelligence - only about the lack of or misinterpretation of information. Doug, it isn't you who needs the "thick skin").

Without getting all gushy (and no, Doug is not paying me), let me say that I, for one, appreciate your honesty and openness. I appreciate that you take a chance with your openness and honesty every time you post. Mostly I appreciate that you walk the walk before you talk the talk (I'll never do 10k a year), and that you have a genuine love of things (and people) cycling.
I must join the choirACE
Apr 18, 2001 5:41 PM
No need to apologize, you've always been civil to everyone here. Some people seem to assume the worst, rather than taking your history on this board into account. Keep up the good advice and info, don't change a thing.