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What are Hors category climbs?(2 posts)

What are Hors category climbs?Randall
Apr 18, 2001 2:25 AM
I'm a ride coordinator for a bike club and I was wondering how to describe a hors category climb or ride? Any suggestions? Thanks.

re: What are Hors category climbs?Wayne Scott
Apr 18, 2001 5:24 AM
As I understand it, in UCI races climbs are ranked from Cat. 4 up to Hors category (above category, literally), which is harder than a Cat. 1 climb. Not sure if the race organizer or a UCI official does the ranking but a climb's rating depends on three things: Length, Gradient (average, as well as absolute steepness in parts) , and when it occurs in a stage. In short, it's subjective, and the same climb can have a different rating depending on if it's early or late in a stage. Additionally alot of Cat. 3 or 4 climbs are rated just to designate climbs to award points for the climber's classification in the race. There may be many additional climbs that are harder or of similar difficulty to the lower ranked climbs but receive no rating because they are not part of competition for the climbers classification. Also, don't confuse climbs ranking with a race's ranking they are two different things, but use more or less the same numbers and the Hors category designation as well. Hope this was helpful.