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Need for speed(4 posts)

Need for speedAndy
Apr 17, 2001 8:51 PM
With my limited budget i am looking for one thing (wheels, new kit, fork) that will increase my speed the most.I am a poor college student looking to beef up my bike. I currently have a steel frame bianchi campione with stock campy parts. I am thinking new wheelset, but what do y'all say.
Also, i am getting really tired of my rides in the Hartford area, if you peeps have any suggestions as to where i could go, i'm all ears. Thanks
One word...Greg Taylor
Apr 18, 2001 5:04 AM If you are truly strapped for cash, your biggest bang for the buck is getting a decent set of light, fast tires. About the best deal going now are the Specialized Turbo Team tires that Specialized is blowing out for about $20 a pop on their website. These used to retail for more than double that. I personally don't like them, but they are fast.

Otherwise, I'd save your money and pop for another bike. There are good deals out there for "slightly used" machines. The Campione is a good, honest bike, but I wouldn't spend too much upgrading it.
While a significantly greater investment than tires, wheelsbill
Apr 18, 2001 6:22 AM
can add speed. Better hubs, lighter rims, a little bit of aerodynamics. When going uphill or on flats, I can blame my speed (or lack thereof) on the essential wimpiness of my own bad self. But, in testimony to cool wheels, I have found that formerly competitive partners have lost ground to me going downhill.
What kind of speed?Kerry Irons
Apr 18, 2001 4:52 PM
If you're looking to improve general riding speed, then the good suggestions are for lighter tires (depending on what you're using now) and lighter/lower spoke count wheels. If you want to turn a faster time trial, then you'll probably get more improvement from aero bars. All depends on the kind of riding you're doing. Then again, an intensive training program doesn't cost anything and may have the best result.