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Broke seatbinder bolt 2x(4 posts)

Broke seatbinder bolt 2xMT
Apr 17, 2001 5:23 PM
Both brand new campy binder bolt and i was careful to grease it well and didn not overtighten on a steel frame
I noticed as it gets tighter the bolt bends - i think thats the cause

But i have no remedy
maybe a frame problem...dave
Apr 17, 2001 6:29 PM
If the frame is old, someone before you may have overtightened the clamp on the frame and squeezed it together. The bolt shouldn't tighten enough to bend it.
Are you sure the seat post is the right size?Dave Hickey
Apr 17, 2001 8:08 PM
The only time I've had bolts bend is if the seat post is too small. Even a 27.0 in a 27.2 tube can enough to bend the bolt.
re: Broke seatbinder bolt 2xFrank
Apr 17, 2001 10:21 PM
I have encountered the very same problem. First, I found that even with a verified 27.2 seatpost in a verified 27.2 seat tube the standard seat post binder bolt (19mm) was too long. It would tighten to the point where the two ends of the bolt met, and as I continued to tighten the bolt would eventually snap. This happened on a Litespeed Ultimate and a Look KG 243. I found that placing small washers in the ear holes of the seat tube binder allowed me to use the 19mm binder bolts without the bolts .

Second, I have replaced the Campy seat post binder bolts with generic cro-moly ones. They seem to hold up better than the Campy fact, I have yet to break one of the generic ones. The Campy bolts seem more brittle, and two shops I have purchased the generic bolts from indicated they had the same problem with the Campy bolts.