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have you ever heard of this model road bike?(5 posts)

have you ever heard of this model road bike?dave borden
Apr 17, 2001 3:13 PM
a friend of mine recently inherited a road biuke from his brother. It is a 1990 model and what follows may or may not be the brand and model name. I would appreciate it if someone could provide information as to the quality of this bike, thanks for your help:

Vent Noir
Austro - Daimler
Made by Puch

Bars: Cenelli
Brakes: Weinmann Carrera, Levers: Shimano 600
Fork: Reynolds 501
Wheels; Mavic MA40
Cranks: Specialites
Seat: Specialized Lambda
Sounds older than 1990...The Kid
Apr 17, 2001 3:31 PM
Not too many bikes came with Huret derailleurs and Specialites T.A. cranks back in 1990.

Anyway, check for lots of Puch/Austro-Daimler pics, including some of a Vent Noir mixte bike with gold parts.

Have Fun!
Black Windgrz mnky
Apr 17, 2001 4:39 PM
Vent Noir = Black Wind

The orignal AD Vent Noir came out in the late 70's and I lusted for one even before girls, but I bought my second Motobecane instead, and as fate would have it my future wife also had the same model Moto - too weird. We still have 'em, but they're "resting" in the rafters

Everything on the bike was black - all the components, chain rings, everything. Plus the CR's were all drilled out. I think that there were some follow-on VN's for a while then you just stopped seeing AD being sold any where. AD even had a model where everything was gold plated, everything.

Decent bikes for the time, good workmanship and *sweet* brochures with onion skin and pen/ink drawings, but definitely vintage material - 27" wheels and probably French threads (just *try* and find parts - it's either Campy or junk - nothing in between). the bike is a bit rare and maybe some one collects them, but I wouldn't expect too much.
re: have you ever heard of this model road bike?Walter
Apr 19, 2001 12:26 PM
Definitely a pre-1990 bike and probably a pre-1980 for that matter. A-D had some nice bikes and I remember looking at them with lust in my eye. Like the other poster I too went for a Motobecane. has a Vintage Lightweight discussion board and they can tell you about your bike I'm sure.

Though old I imagine it's a nice rider. Keep it if you like it. Harris Cyclery (search under the name Sheldon Brown) has a good supply of older parts. If you sell try ebay, sometimes these oldies ring the cherries there and you'll get a lot more than the 20$ or so a garage sale will fetch.
One more almost-ownerCory
Apr 20, 2001 8:43 AM
Had no idea there were so many other ex-Motobecane owners out there...
FWIW, I think everybody's nailed it. It was a pretty nice bike, and I yearned for one, but I got such a good deal on a Motobecane I never did get one. I'm fuzzy on the date, but I also tend to think it would be pre-1990.