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Anyone out there lived or living in Tokyo?(2 posts)

Anyone out there lived or living in Tokyo?zelig1
Apr 17, 2001 7:31 AM
I'm going to Tokyo on Saturday (10 hours out and 13 back) to look at a job which would probably involve a 2 year contract with an American firm. Has anybody lived there, is riding possible and can it easily be done?

Not my first choice culturally or linguistically but if the $$$'s right, I'll have to give it consideration.

Tokyo ridingno excuses
Apr 18, 2001 8:49 AM
I kept waiting for someone with more that a coule of one week business travel experiences to post, but none showed o here's a few comments.
(Stating the obvious), The Tokyo area has an enormous poulation and an associated amount of cars. The only time I saw riders were during early morning walks around the city. The country roads are pretty narrow, and the cars are equally prevalant.
There are usually hundreds of bikes surrounding the train stations, but these are the beater/commuter type, (that doesn't mean the four year old hybrid that's been replaced by a road bike.
Bottom line; road miles are not easy to come by. You may have better luck with the mountain bike, but I'm really unfamiliar with that scene.
Otherwise, Tokyo and Japan are fabulous for visiting and experiencing a different culture. There are other recreational opportunities, skiing and hiking are popular, but you are always going to have to deal with an enormous number of people planning on the same activity as you.