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"Smart Cycling" or the "Cyclist's Training Bible"?(3 posts)

"Smart Cycling" or the "Cyclist's Training Bible"?Scy
Apr 16, 2001 9:37 PM
I'm looking to order a book on cycling training. These two books seem to be the candidates. Do you folks prefer one or the other? Any other book I should get instead.

About me: Began road riding infrequently about two years ago, but have gotten serious in past 4 months. I only started riding in groups a month ago. I'm trying to improve both my handling skills and strength/endurance/speed. I am riding three to four times a week, about 100 to 150 miles a week. Although I don't plan to race, I am interested in the training. Also, just got me an HRM.

Thanks again.
For the more casual rider, Smart Cycling probably is morebill
Apr 17, 2001 6:36 AM
useful. The Cyclist's Training Bible is more focused on race training and, while it goes into more detail about why things are, it presumes a level of knowledge and experience (and pretty lofty racing goals) that places it a little out of reach of sport cyclists. That said, I kind of think that Smart Cycling contains some dopiness. For example, it goes into this extended thing about how lighter bikes are cheaper that compares apples to oranges and I just don't get it.
After browsing both books, I still don't feel that I have the foundation necessary to use either very effectively. Maybe I'm an idiot (you don't hafta agree so fast, fellas), but both books talk about designing a training plan for your needs while neither, in my view, have given me the foundation to make those sorts of choices. Maybe the real problem is that I'm looking for the book to tell me how to explore my potential and set my goals. Both books presume you to have defined goals as well as more basic knowledge than I, as a relatively inexperienced cyclist aged 42, with kids and an impatient wife, have time to develop. Every time I go through either book, though, it makes more sense, and, like anything, it takes awhile to figure out even what the elementary lessons are about.
Group rides give great experience and help a lot in figuring out what both books are trying to teach you.
re: "Smart Cycling" or the "Cyclist's Training Bible"?ScottV
Apr 17, 2001 9:17 AM
Probably Smart Cycling. The Cyclist Training Bible is great (What I use) but is aimed more at people who race.