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What Tour?(5 posts)

What Tour?Groucho Marx
Apr 16, 2001 7:08 PM
First of all, I know Le Tour is the most popular, and highly sought after, but really, I don't find it as exciting as either the vuelta or the giro. Maybe its the fact that at this point in time there are ONLY two choices, and I mean absolutely no other choice (unless both of them crash out)to win the tour: Lance and Jan. And to many, that might even be a foregone conclusion. For the giro, there's so much more that can happen, Garzelli, Casagrande, Pantani, and I assure you there's more, all have an equal chance of winning. Even for the Vuelta, although now that Heras is with USPS he looks stronger than most, there are many more riders at roughly the same level. I'm just kinda tired of "the race hasn't started or finished untill lance thinks it should be" stuff. I mean, I respect the amount of hard work he must put in to reach that level, but its just not interesting. There's no competition. That and the absolutely shitty coverage of the Tour by ESPN last year. I mean they could've stuffed shit in the fan belt of a PT cruiser, and it would have been more interesting. I was so disappointed. Here we have a feed of RA1 from italy of the giro, and its amazing how well they do it. (of course they have much more interest in italian cycling, but still). So with all those things combined, I must admit, I'm much more interested in the giro and maybe the vuelta, this year than I am about the tour. What about you? Does the palpability of the Tour ruin it some?

Of course, if Jan can at least make it interesting (notice that I am on a first name basis with both lance and Jan :)
re: What Tour?tommyb
Apr 16, 2001 9:22 PM
I believe that the Giro will be the most exciting of the Tours for overall GC racing. You are correct, there are many possibilities. My personal pick is Raimondas Rumsas (great form and the same nationality as me). It should be exciting from start to finish.

Despite the predictions that the Tour de France will be predictable, there is always a chance for a stellar performance by an outsider. Even if the yellow jersey is a possibility for only one or two of the favorites, the Tour has traditionally given many great individual performances. When Indurain was dominating, there were still memorable stages by Chiappucci, Hampsten and even a young Armstrong. Worth watching for those days, even if the GC is not in question. The drama of the classic stages never fails to disappoint.

So, for great stage racing, watch the Giro. For great individual stages, watch the Tour. Unfortunately, since the UCI moved the Vuelta so close to the worlds, it offers less excitement. But guess what? I'll still watch every minute of available coverage. Gotta love this sport.
re: What Tour?Bart
Apr 17, 2001 5:42 AM
I agree that the ESPN coverage of the TDF last year was terrible. I also thought OLN's coverage of the Giro was excellent - it was interesting, exciting, and very competitive. Looking forward to watching it again this year. I will watch the TDF as well, but won't be expecting much.
re: What Tour?Wayne Scott
Apr 17, 2001 7:19 AM
Couldn't tell from your message, but are you aware that OLN is showing same day live coverage of the Tour just like they did with the Giro last year? Should be great, especially if Phil is calling the race. I have to agree with the other posters that the Giro (and Vuelta) are more interesting than the Tour from a stage race perspective. The tour is so formula driven, short prologue so some sprinters can be close to taking the jersey, a week of more less flat stages for the sprinters, the high mountains for a few days to establish the favorites, a few days of rolling roads for the breakaway hopefuls, more mtns to sort the winner out, a couple of days for the surviving sprinters or a breakaway, a TT to decide it if its still close, the parade in Paris. At least they've added the TTT for some spice and an uphill TT during the first foray into the mtns. I think this is the last day in the mtns the first time, I expect the big guns will save themselves for it, and allow some lesser known climbers to win in breakaway efforts the few days before the TT.
At the Giro, at least, it seems like the various "type" of days are interspersed more making it more interesting, I think there is even a mtn top finish on stage 4 this yr.
Lance at Vueltamoneyman
Apr 17, 2001 6:37 AM

Should create even more interest in it.