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Ultegra shifter locking up(8 posts)

Ultegra shifter locking upMS
Apr 16, 2001 8:45 AM
Has anyone had problems with Ultegra shifters ? I've had this twice now. The shifter locks so I cannot shift into a smaller gear. The set I have now has less than 500 miles so I don't think its a wear issue. Any ideas out there ?

The Good, the Bad, and the Uglygrz mnky
Apr 16, 2001 9:19 AM
The Good - If you're lucky it's something as simple as your cables and housing getting all clogged with mung. This typically happens in wet weather - do you ride when the streets are wet? The good news is that you can replace the cables + housing and you're off - I will agree that 500 miles is not very typical to have this problem. Stick with Shimano brand and use *their* special white lube (not Lubriplate).

The Bad - It could be that your shifter is a bit clogged with the all purpose mung. If so I've heard of people blasting them with WD-40, letting them dry then using some TriFlow. Be careful, too much TriFlow is a bad thing - it's a bit of a dirt magnet.

The Ugly - It could be that your shifter mechanism is messing up. I had the little phillips headed screw come out after a crash. The whole mechanism starting misbehaving and ultimately wouldn't function at all. Is your little down shift leaver all lose and floppy with respect to the brake lever? This is a very ugly situation to have - you need to disassmeble and rebuild the mechanism - a very nasty thought at best. Do you like puzzles and Swiss watch repair? No joke. You can order just the guts as an assembly and replace it.

In all likelyhood you're dealing with the first scenario, maybe the second. You really don't want to in the thrid, but if you think you are visit a good LBS and get some expert help.
re: Ultegra shifter locking upGary M
Apr 16, 2001 11:54 AM
My just out of the box Douglas with Ultegra wouldn't downshift without me having to resort to force. Colorado Cyclist replaced it under warranty and said they had been having high failure rate with Ultegra shifters. You should get your dealer to replace it.
Prolink makes a great cable and shifter lube.Jon(unregistered)
Apr 16, 2001 11:55 AM
I've been using Prolink (with their needle-tip applicator) to lube my cables and shifters (and derailleurs and chain, of course), and have been pretty impressed with its ability to dissolve gunk. Basically, it's WD-40 that actually lubricates. The needle tip slides up cable housings pretty easily, and makes getting all the derailleur pivots pretty easy.
And it frees up sticky freehubs, too. Hope it's only gunk, and not the shifters going.
re: Ultegra shifter locking upHwy45
Apr 16, 2001 4:19 PM
Yes I have a problem with a Ultegra shifter. When I try to downshift the rear shifter for the rear derailleur. The entire unit(front and rear) moves and can stick in this position pointing at the stem. This after less then 200 miles. I bought the bike from Supergo and was starting to wish I had gone the LBS route. They were great about it but needed the shifter sent to them. I went to the Performance shop on the Northside here in Chicago And they are handeling the warrantee for me. They were real nice. Of course the part is back ordered. At least I can still ride. I hold the front shifter with my index finger and shift the rear with my thumb so much for STI.
re: Ultegra shifter locking upRon L.
Apr 16, 2001 10:22 PM
HWY45 is right, I just sent a shifter back to Shimano for that vary reason and it had about 200 miles on it. There's nothing you can do with the shifter to make it right.
There was nothing you did to make this happen. This problem is in the down shift lever.

Send it back
Same thing happened to me...Jacko
Apr 17, 2001 4:23 AM
I had exeactly the same problem. Less than 100mi, and like HWY45 said, my shifter ended up pointing at the stem.

I took it back to my LBS and they are ordering me another shifter. Luckily, the LBS wrench had a 105 lever lying around which he threw on the bike for me.

Works fine for now.
re: Ultegra shifter locking upMS
Apr 17, 2001 7:24 AM
Thanks everyone for all the info. Is upgrading to DA the best way to eliminate the problem ?