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Tire mileage survey(2 posts)

Tire mileage surveyMel Erickson
Apr 16, 2001 6:03 AM
What kind of mileage to you get, or expect to get, from your tires? Please include the following:
Tire brand and model
Type and condition of roads you travel
Total weight of bike and rider
What tire wear condition causes you to replace the tire
Anything else you care to add

My stats:
5000 miles
Continental Grand Prix Clincher
Well paved to moderately well paved county and town roads, moderate hills
200-205 lbs
I replace the rear when the tread starts to disappear and the tire starts to square. The front usually stays on until it starts to check.
I don't race anymore but do some centuries and club rides
I'll biteOnrhodes
Apr 16, 2001 7:02 AM
2500-3000 miles
Vittoria CX Clincher
everything imaginable for pavement. From perfect to pot hole hell. Flat to 4 miles climbs. (I live in NH)
Total Weight of bike and rider (you're gonna love this) 152lbs (with water bottles)
I replace rear when rubber is gone and belts/threads are showing. I then switch the front to the rear, and get a new front.
These are my training tires. I race on Axial-Pro Lights (only about 1000-1500 out of those)